Is there a blockchain problem?


In the last 30 min we see only empty blocks - stop the charity to the chinese mining pools - we need official statement from the company when and how you are going to fix this problem.


what is the point to have this forum when we don’t get the answers we need


I agree, this is a forum for the community to discuss topics and let the ETN team become aware of our concerns.
Let’s get one thing straight, I support the ETN team and project 100%.
That being said, what is happening with the empty blocks (basically free rewards to 1 company, there are no real miners at F2) needs to be addressed.
I am not a programmer, but it was pointed out earlier to not reward empty blocks.
Or, the bigger question, how is F2 exploiting this to trigger quicker blocks and not process transactions.
Richard, Devs, ETN team; please know we bring this up because we do care.
I hope you silence indicates closed door discussion on this topic.

Former ETN GPU miner


f2pool lower their hash power to 2.08 GH/s and I don’t see any empty blocks - looking great right now - I hope that was the reason


F2 is back up and still getting empty blocks.
Mempool TXs are being left out of blocks.


What is the problem here?
We have like only 19 transactions waiting in the pool!!


Well, for instance, here you can see that a handful of TXs are not making the blockchain.
Empty blocks are being mined when they should be filled with TXs. Not a huge problem right now, but will be if there are thousands of TXs piling up in the mempool.
This has been going on for quite a while. At some times, there are hundreds of TX’s not getting processed while empty blocks are being mined.


One does not simply
Get a blockchain without empty blocks

Live with it, stop watching the explorer if it scares you


This isn’t a live with it type of situation.
It is a problem, as pointed out here by darkbane: Time to address the elephant in the room f2pool/poolin NOT processing transactions
Legitimate concerns that should be addressed.


See the point is that the team want to hear only good,positive feedback otherwise they use to ignore everything that is problematic :roll_eyes:


I think they do care because it does affect them too. I get how busy they are with everything else they are working on, but it is good for the community and those involved to talk about whats going on. It benefits everyone.
I also want to point out, we should all stay positive and helpful. Being negative on either side doesn’t aid the situation. We are all here as 1 team/community.


So you would like @andrepatta to tell you: Empty blocks do happen on any blockchain with high hashing power and low block time ?


there is a difference between empty blocks with little/no pending transactions, and empty blocks strung back to back with dozens of older transactions than the oldest block in that chain which is clearly ignoring them, THAT is a problem…

and when others write articles that I cited in my thread showing the pool has a history, and is actively doing it to other chains which have a ridiculous amount of pending transactions its time to take notice and make it a public issue…

the whole purpose of mining is to process transactions and move the blockchain forward, if they are not performing that task, they are serving no purpose, and simply are being rewarded without providing the network benefit, THAT is an issue…


Any news from the team on this one?


Empty blocks? This is what the expert has to say about it…