Intentional payment for votes being made by SNTR via Airdrop


I just want to bring this to light in case anybody else wants to give a go at confronting some of their admins about this. I haven’t had much luck with the one I contacted myself on the OKEx telegram. Anyways, they had, which has many subscribers, post everywhere on their channels (Twitter, Telegram, etc) on how to get free SNTR to vote for them on OKEx during the event. The instructions are literally geared towards helping them achieve this and the proof is in this link here.

You can even get on Airdrop alert’s channel to see the post there as well showing as of recent. This just concerns me being that it’s basically the same as paying for votes AND these projects could be any projects doing these sort of airdrops. It could be any sort of shady they want and still achieve votes this way if they’d like, and for some reason I hadn’t had luck getting through to the OKEx admins in getting them to understand why that sort of activity is a danger and makes trust much more of a problem in this space. They couldn’t get their bot votes counted, so now they’re resorting to a massive announcement with the instructions requiring to go vote in the comments on Twitter as well to gain a free reward. Seriously, what does that sound like!? XD This sort of stuff just keeps getting to me.

Edit: had typos.with Silent Notary’s ticker. I get confused with STNR and SNTR XD
Edit 2: Apollo & Storiqa also caught in this act. Links below.
Edit 3: mCoin now also captured.

APL ->
STQ ->
mCOIN ->

Let me know if you guys see any more that are listed as airdrops and are on the vote poll! They’ve banned me and a few others from the chat when the admins went on break and had it the word starting to spread for a short bit. Our comments were constantly being deleted for a while before. Now I can’t check back.

Is the OkeX voting fair? Silent Notary Faking Votes?!

I agree whole heartedly. I made a video about the forum and about the vote. I disagree with everything they have done and yet, for the sake of ETN I followed the steps and voted…There should be one place to put votes on for exchanges and for coins…that all crypto people could use and trust.

by the way…if it is ok with you, this is the link to my channel and I put the video of me talking about it on here.


Oh sweet, I’ve seen you quite a bit on YouTube. You have some nice vids. ^-^


Storiqa caught paying for votes now too.
I’ve heard Apollo was as well, but I don’t see it yet. Someone please post a link if you find it true. :slight_smile:


Hey @xkira1995
There you go
So it’s always the same procedure -. -


OKEx admin:Using an incentive to mobalize a community is not against the rules


For one, they’re not just allowing people to mobilize “a” community, hardly really any of their own in fact as some of these things we’ve never even heard of. They are paying just about anyone in a few simple fast steps to go through a process they walk you through, even using to spread their announcements to anybody. And two, the incentive should not be by bribing people. Many of the people doing the voting aren’t voting based on their belief of a project, they’re instead voting for free airdropped coins they likely have knowledge of.


Thanks, I’ll try to remember to edit my post again when I get back home. XD


Both STQ and APL are added to main post as well. Exchanges really need to stop allowing this sort of activity so we could start trusting this space more. ^^" Everyone seems to be unfairly trying to beat each other down and we’re hardly getting anywhere. It’s fine to fight each other using facts to try to improve on your product or show that it’s better…but we seem to be having people going “invest in this, not this” when some aren’t quite competitors, and then even outright rig something to support their own wants which can potentially end up just as pump & dump schemes. It’s annoying seeing some people being here only for the money and not at all for real support of a project they like. They just want to get paid, end of story…


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Contacted four admins about this issue now. I wish I could get a real answer already, or at least find one admin that is concerned about trust.


mCOIN caught cheating. Added to main post ^


This OKEx vote has been a joke and the admins are doing a poor job at running it. Incentivized votes should be prohibited by default so people have to vote on a project because they believe in it not because they’re being paid to do so. It should be a clean honest vote with no bots and no air drops of any kind at all. I doubt they’ll respond or care much which is sad to see. I agree it makes the space look bad and it causes division amongst the various communities.

The lack of professionalism from many exchanges is quite disheartening and honestly that’s why I think regulation will actually be a huge benefit in the long run. These types of exchanges need to be able to be held accountable.