How to sell for Fiat currency?

Hi I’m new to this how and where can you trade ETN for Fiat currency if in the future I decide to sell for hard cash?Thanks for any help


I see this as purely hypothetical since there will be more value using ETN and spending it in the future than converting to fiat. But to answer your question.

Convert ETN -> BTC or ETH

Send to Coinbase
Do bank transfer

Send to
Do a cashback VISA/MC transaction.

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Thanks for the info I was just curious how it all worked.

In the near future you will be able to do transfers via PayPal, so this will be very easy? I think it will be possible when we are listed on - Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform

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1 Like what is it, page don’t work

First time in a while it hasn’t worked, maybe he gave up on it. Anyways you have liquid and now

I posted a guide here…

Pay via Electroneum now

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