Exchange your ETN for fiat in under an hour (UK users)


Kucoin account
Verified coinbase account with verified UK bank account

  1. Send your ETN to Kucoin
  2. Go to BTC market and sell ETN for BTC
  3. Sell BTC for BCH
  4. Withdraw BCH from Kucoin to your coinbase BCH wallet
  5. Sell BCH on coinbase for GBP
  6. Withdraw GBP to your UK bank account. It will say it takes 3 working days, but it will show in major banks in about 20 minutes.

You can skip the step that swaps BTC for BCH, but you will pay higher transaction fees and it will take longer to withdraw if you work with BTC.


Good advice.

But DAMN! This is what ive been doing wrong! Ive been doing it in the order of 6-5-4-3-2-1. My bank balance gets smaller but my ETN wallet gets fatter. Ohh well im not changing the way ive been doing it. :blush: