How do you secure your ETN?


Hi all,

I was just wondering how you all secure your Electroneum? Here is a picture of how I’m keeping mine. :slight_smile:


:heart: Secret Squirrel Service! :heart:


How my are protected!!


Hahahaha. Thats so totally awesome !!


I keep mine in a CLI wallet, perhaps not as safe as a paper wallet or a cold storage but I buy regularly so it is convenient to use. Not as nice as the mobile wallet or the online wallet at but if I lose it or got hacked then it’s myself to blame not anyone else…


Etn wallet , I trust them with my coins.

Also protected by Sir squirrelalot from the forest of Dean.


I stuff mine in the mattress, it’s a bit lumpy now though!


I use papir wallet and ETN wallet to secure my ETN. Beside that i got my papir wallet hidden and guarded by a sicret army of S-quirrls



Paperwallet and some minor protection


In my ETN squirrel ninja tree of course!

Couldn’t do it without my ETN army though :purple_heart::chipmunk:


Heavily armoured squirrels protect your stashes,
To ensure that none can find them.
Maybe when they climb high in this tree’s branches,
Luck will help them find a hidden gem.




I’m pretty sure Robin Hood is a fox but close enough :wink: haha





AHH Darth squirrel , you have returned …

You will NEVER turn me to the dark side , I refuse to sell … hodl forever I must


Return to wallet think of the future I will


Meditate on changes of price hmmmmm…




Three days and not one person has looked at the link. :cold_sweat:

#etntreasurehunt (unofficial)


Is ther a tresure hunt?


2/3 stored in a paper wallet, safely kept in different locations. Plus a local copy on an encrypted USB stick.
Protected by LUKS

There is another cloned encrypted USB stick stored at the same location as the secnod paper wallet copy.

1/3 stored on my local PC (Linux) with a remote blockchain node in my LAN. Copy of CLI wallets stored on the encrypted USB sticks plus on an encrypted home directory, using the ferocious honeybadger of ecryptfs.

Some small amounts on web wallet and on exchange.


Yes but no-one appears to have found the link yet