How do you secure your ETN?


Then i will look or it :slight_smile:


Well over 1 week and no one has found the link, I think I hid it too well.

If any one fancies a go at cracking my codes checkout

Good luck, :slight_smile:


is your link not … https:// ?


You can use https if you like, it goes to a Google doc.


Cool, thanks for clarifying that.
My browser wont accept some sites but automaticallly upgrades to https:// if its available.
I was thinking of other people really.


Just spotted it in the photo, that’s a bit clever!! The code is even more clever; I have no clue where to start!! Any more clues for the clueless like me?!


Who says there aren’t any clues in the clue. :slight_smile:


Did you use a single cipher or have you ciphered the cipher ?


That would be telling :smiley:

I’ll at least have to give it a week or two without anyone breaking it before I start giving hints.


Well its been a handful of weeks since I posted the first clue and no one has been able to crack it. So in the festive spirit (and the joy that comes from a holiday in three days) here is a clue for the first clue.



Out of love today 50 Squirrel for this picture


Reminded me of @Stefo !!