How can we promote etn in our local community?

Suggestions are welcomed here on ways we can bring more users of electroneum in our local community, state or country.

Hi Sunnee! The easiest way is with Android devices, for right now. Android is the only operating system that can run the mobile miner.


Direct them to
@ETNCEO also did a series on electroneums YouTube channel explaining in depth how it will impact the world. Once the instant payment system is live im sure they already have a plan to reach into communities to expose them to the benefits of using electroneum. Marketing should be coming soon which will make it more appealing to those new to crypto. If you think about it bitcoin is still relativity unheard of. When you ask 10 random people at least 5 don’t know what it is. That being said electroneums solution to real life issues could cause mass adoption like we have not seen before. Very exciting time for the electroneum family!


There are a lot of events where we can promote it, even Universities are good to promote ETN because of the easy way to use it…mobile app!!! :sunglasses:


My husband has already introduced a few friends/colleagues to Electroneum who then got their partners on to it… hope continues to grow.


A bit of marketing would help here in South Africa…People do know about Crypto But As far as ETN goes its only word of mouth and a Lot of Convincing…:grin::grin::grin::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Hi Friends I m from India…Was lucky to get ETN at the beginning… I bought it with a hope to convert it huge… but u know it reaches to 30 times that I invested …But today again it is back to the day 1…I really want an honest discussion on the future of ETN as I am big well wishe

I promoted ETN to my friends and family and even coworkers at my work that are into crypto or wanted to try it out and get into it and they find the ETN miner amazing so far i only hear positive things about ETN from them :blush:

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That’s a great work. Keep on keeping on…

Now would be a great time to promote ETN to friends and family, with the price being so low they could get a decent amount for a few hundred bucks.

Here’s a link to a new post i made where i share a image i made for sharing your referral code.


I agree with @electromooneum now is the time to get your friends and family in it :+1:


I’d say wait until it’s all up and running properly. The experience will be much better all round. Unless you’re recommending etn as a speculative investment, which of course would be better to do before we zoom to the moon!!! :smiley: