Image For Sharing Referral Code


Here’s a image i made for sharing your referral code.

Here’s another image you could use via word of mouth, just add your own QR code from your ETN app in the blank space. Just print or save it on your phone and get people to scan the QR code to download the app and then scan your referral QR code from inside their app once they have set it up or add your referral code manually.

How can we promote etn in our local community?
Electroneum Flyer/Poster Highlighting Benefits
User numbers update

You sir, are a hero. Thanks for taking the time to create this!

Image people printing out fliers with this design and handing it out on street corners. :grinning:


@electromooneum WOW just WOW incredible WORK. Now just imagine if ETn team start marketing and the whole 2.25 milion community HELP THEM! It will be the ROCKET BOOM :rocket: :bomb: