Forum mechanics

Hi guys! This is my first post here. I am glad we finally have place like this.

Forum looks great. I was very active member on many forums 10 years ago but with rise of other social hubs i slowly quit forums. So… to the point…

There is one thing i don’t understand. After opening a thread i can vote for it but i have only 1 vote available so after i vote for a thread i cannot vote anymore. How can i get new votes? And why its so limited? Are there any rewards for most voted threads?

Big like for keyboard shortcuts! For those who don’t know you can press “=” to open small menu on top with important links.

edit: Any other little tricks i should know about?

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Hi and welcome :tada: The voting thing is like a timer, goes a while and you got a new one. voting is a few levels up from likes. Ouer bot got a few tricks, just call him up

New users are very restricted and have only like 1 vote and limited number of <3 likes. In the beginning they are for instance not able to send personal messages.

When you participate and become a true member by reading and making posts/replies/likes (give/receive) on the forum over time, you will slowly gain more trust and advantages (more votes/likes/limited admin rights)

Please listen to the welcoming ETNbot, there are 2 badges you can earn if you complete both the new user and advanced user challenge

Your votes are limited, but you can remove old votes from preferences
Check <3 Votes, enter the topic you once voted for, enter top message (initial poster) and remove old vote by clicking on vote button again

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Thanks guys! Replying late but i am still here. Would be nice to see “thanks” button so i don’t have to clog the thread to say thanks.

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