Forbes listing SOME coins, lol

WTF?! You’re right, I don’t see it.

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But nor did they have TokenPay, Iota or Crypterium. They had an equal balance of crap and established coins but strange enough some projects with a strong following were left out.

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yes that sucks… but pretty soon the whole world will know about electroneum any way so who needs Forbes


Still crazy how Bitcoin Cash seems to make it everywhere. How many failed Roger Ver debates do we need to witness, am I right? =P


the site is pretty new, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but…still bullshit.

There isn’t a single coin I own on that page. And I found at least 20 other coins missing, besides ones I own. So, title should be Forbes listing SOME coins, but definitely not every. Not even close.

Hmm and which one is first

very strange , could be worth emailing the support team on there! I have showing what type of coin we are from coinmarketcap. (independent company) We will prevail soon as the world we see as being used , alot :smiley:

well, they need to connect to Liquid or Coinbene or something…as long as it’s not Kucoin :nauseated_face: