Food chat, tips and recipes


We are people from all over the world and one thing we have in common is the need for food. I hope we can share some good recipes and tips for food.

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To day i will make a pasta for my family

300g Pasta
3 garlic clove
10 cherry tomatos
140g bacon
1 chicken buljong dice
1sl water
3dl cream
125g cheese
1 spoon of fresh thyme
1 spoon salt
1/2 spoon freshly ground pepper

Serv it with Focaccia bread

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Sounds fantastic! Can i have some?


Yes, no problem. we eat in 2 hours, live in northern norway :slight_smile:


Ah ok, maybe a small problem then. Enjoy, its sounds beautiful.


Wait for me, I’m there in an hour or so.


We can meet up at Old trafford when i got my season ticket and enjoy a match


Too rite!! Although its not a happy place at the moment.


You are welcome i make som extra


I have a question though.
What is a chicken buljong dice? :rofl:
It sounds like a dirty word you would tell your woman in bed.


Buljong is a flavored liquid that is often used as a basis in soups and sauces, or as hot drinks. In French cuisine, the word broth is used for the power made by boiling mirepoix, spices and meat or fish legs in water. In its general form, broth is an industrial product made in this case chicken

I try to explain and us Google translate


Oh we have a Master Chef here!
Ah ok, so you mean chicken stock.


Probably right about chicken stock. I am far from a Master Chef


The important is that you put pasta after the water start to boil, not ad many in the world do, in cold water


One day i’ll give you the recipe for a perfect Bolognese ragù


I always wait for the water to boil. This dish i cook the the pasta. roasts that bacon, garlic and tomatoes. and make the sauce. Afterwards i mix it in a dish, and serve with bread.

This one i looking forward too :slight_smile:


Good job man :muscle::muscle::muscle:
This night i write it


Here is one my creations:
Made from scratch, from the starter home made sour dough - my favorite


Do you have a recipe


I do but it is a family secret :wink: