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It looks good and tasty :slight_smile: nam nam


Wow nice bread (20 caratteri)


Here is the recipe for the italian ragú Bolognese.
Ingredients for a bottle of tomato:
1 medium size carrot
1/2 onion
1 celery stick
Many spoons of olive oil (1/3 of glass)
350g of minced beef (if is too much expensive you can use mixed beef and swine, pig)
A bottle of tomato (i suggest de Cecco, if you can find, because i know that in forreign states has the flavour of ketchup, sometimes)
2 glasses or 3 of white wine
Salt and pepper.

1st step: the “soffritto”.
Soffritto is the base of the flavour of many dishes in Italy, bolognese and roasts for first.
So, slice and dice thin onion, carrot and celery and put them in a anti-stick high pot with olive warm oil.
Step 2: cooking the meat.
When soffritto looks a little golden, put the meat in and mix it all fine with salt and pepper (not much or it will be too salty). When meat looks grey-brownie, put the wine in and let the meat full absorbe it. If you’re doing it well, you should see a white cream under the meat. That is the fat with wine. You feel the sweet smell of the wine and the meat? OK we can go through the step 3.
Step 3: the tomato.
The flavour of tomato is important for the good taste of ragù. I suggest italian tomato because we got a deep tradition with home-made tomato bottles.
Sometimes sounds like ketchup (also in Italy happens, many lowcost brands has the flavour of ketchup. You will learn to recognise good tomatoes).
So go on with recipe.
When you got a brown meat, you can add in the tomato. Mix it and add salt if is needed. When it starts to boil (you will see bubbles on the surface), low the flame and add water, a liter. The most is cooked, better taste will have. Our grandmas keep it on the flame for 2-3 hours.
If water is absorbed add another half liter of water until the ragù looks creamy and mix often during all the cooking. I suggest to prepare it the day before and let it seasoning well. Enjoy tour metal :smile::smile::smile:


The After Tomorrow’s dinner THX


Yes exactly. This ragù is used for pasta and lasagna. Or with a nice slice of bread, drenched from the pot :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I am a amature so it might take a few tries LOL


Yes of course. First time i’ve did it was bleah


If you don’t want to spend lots of money and waste lots of food, you can try reducing the quantities. Isn’t hard if you follow the steps.
PS i wait for a norvegian dish :yum::yum::yum: i know you use much deer meat, hope i can find easily.
You can try ragù with deer. Is good


@Jokke wow! Looks nice bocouse d’Or. I’ve googled it and yum yum!! :yum::yum::yum:


Yeah, we got alot of nice seafood,
I ended this cabin season on the coast with some crab and clamshell, and some spiritus😋


I got my freezer full of crabs and Fish for the winter. I haven’t done much hunting the last couple of years so i don’t have much of those delikateses


Spiritus= Kveite?..


Sprit😄, Aquavit
A must with crab


Kveite is Halibut, i think,
If not flatfish, haha


A nice it makes everything go up a level or too


Between all the shitty autumn weather, we got a really nice weekend.


I love crabs :heart::heart::heart:(20 cosa?)


this is my pizza. It is a small size because a request. Normally is double bigger. Lettuce, salmon’s sashimi completed by thin slices of lemon (or lime, as you want) and fresh mint.


That is without doubt the best Pizza I have ever seen…mmm pizza. One day I’ll make it to Italy with my wife and I’m going to eat until I’m very very ill.


I’ll write down my home made balti recipe in the next few days and type it up here, I can’t do it off the top of my head as there’s a lot going on and I’ll forget something. Keep the recipes coming people. If you have any good vegetarian ones throw them up, @Stefo, I’m going to make that Ragu the weekend for my wife and kids, I knew that it should be white wine and not red and you’ve just confirmed it!