Evolution of the Blockchain ■ Adoption ■ 3.0》4.0




I thought this might be interesting to post as many look at cryptocurrency for only one reason without actually seeing their investments technology in a real world use case.
Obviously this is only one sector of impact of which there are at least thirty very broad categories.!


Consider 12 Ways IOT (internet of things) will change business


Can we just time travel like 10 years in the future already? I can’t wait for the innovation of blockchain to mature the possibilities are endless. Very interesting statistics :+1:


One moment im just about to load that one now!
Very good question sir!


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Completely agree with your statement. The technology’s application is endless and we have only just scratched the surface. ETN is the forefront of the payment solution sector.


Great post @Pahini , interesting to see what the future holds…


Blockchain tech is definitely going to be utilized a lot in the future that’s for sure, it’s advancing quite fast right now. Everyone from Walmart to Microsoft is working on blockchain projects right now and plenty not coming to mind right off the top of my head.


AI & Quantum Computing is going to play the biggest role in advancing everything on that list once it’s powerful enough. If Ray Kurweil is right about us hitting the singularity by 2045 and honestly I feel he’s quite accurate, we’ll see advancement from AI push all of that infinitely faster.

That is a great list though, covers everything I can think that’s coming really well. Civilization as we know it is about to change dramatically in every way imaginable.


I Diversified a little from the original topic and do have more to add along those lines.










The one thing that worries me, just my own thoughts, is what would happen if the world sort of had a big power outage… and computers just couldn’t work anymore?
Yes we know about alternative energy but just think if computers just didn’t work… we’d all be fcuked … I know it will never happen but this is my mind I’m talking about… the old guy in me.
It takes me a lot of time to get my head around things like this but once I understand it, I’m fine… I’ll have to get my laptop out and look at this lot in more details as my phone is a bit to small for it… yes I run my life from my phone… I think I’m more of a support sort of person, tech is just something I’m still trying to get my head round.