Evolution of the Blockchain ■ Adoption ■ 3.0》4.0


I get where you’re coming from on power but that’s very solvable. I think Tesla is going to play a significant role in this problem being solved. Tesla energy is ramping up big right now and any place that’s implemented their commercial battery systems has had incredible success. In addition they purchased Solar City the I believe the largest solar panel company in the U.S. currently.

They’re dropping a lot of money into research and development to make solar the best power source there is. Now that the model 3 ramp up is all set they’re working more on the power side again. I have no doubt Tesla will bring new solar technologies that far surpass what we have now. The batteries were a big part in an overall power solution for the world.

They also got another big contract in California.

Watch this space carefully, Elon is someone I see as a visionary and his companies always do things no one else has done. These types of battery systems going forward will be pivotal during major outages.


That is amazing stuff Jonny… I’d like to think that Richard ells and the team come in the same group of forward thinkers.
I’ve always had the belief that this world has more to offer, better solutions. As time goes by the rate of exeleration will gather pace and someone looking back in 50 years will be saying how slow things where back then…


Glad you like the links! Absolutely I see Richard as a person who’s just like that. People are going to see ETN succeed to an extent very few see coming in my opinion. If you see my post I just made a bit ago in dump, Richard is planning ahead for many many years to come.

Unlike many companies, he’s implementing these things as we speak instead of waiting until there’s a huge problem THEN trying to solve. He’s a visionary as well from all I’ve seen and I think even come the end of this year we’re going to be blown away at all that’s going to be announced.


We’re at a point in history unlike any other, a new technological era that’s advancing at an unprecedented rate. The world today won’t be recognizable in even 15 or so years. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in say 100 years or so. I find it really exciting personally, I’d love to keep living and see where our species goes.


Theyre amazing thanks for your input here.@J5Alive @Chefbaker!
Anything relevant is greatly appreciated!


You’re most welcome Pahini, happy to contribute. :grin:






This is in beginning stages already too, I don’t mind it. Amazon has also begun with drone deliveries as well.

Actually here’s a fun one, in your neck of the woods Domino’s is testing out a pizza bot. Developed by an Australian company too.


Some amazing blockchain pictures, they must of taken you ages to find. In the web4.0 overview we certainly have Authentication and Fraud Detection covered after seeing RE latest video of the iOS cloud mining. Being able to mine using a selfie is magic. This will help against fraudsters. But also allow computing to do the hard work behind the scenes. I cant stop getting a good feeling about Electroneum


Lovely reading in this thread, thank for the invite.
I believe there is not much I can add, it seems that we’re all fairly the same thinking and all I can see in this thread is just pure love.
Can’t help but smile as we’re all heading into the next gen together.


WOW factor X thankyou all for the positives.
I intend to keep updating.
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Hey - thanks for the invite. There is a project that is going to shake up the internet soon in a big way. Check out skywire, Skycoin & Skyminers.Building a decentralised Internet free of big business/government control.


If it is the sky coin yes I have seen bits and pieces.
I realise where youre coming from and Ill take a closer look.
Very same is to be said for the N.H.S .in the UK.
Recently Stratis partnered with Mediconnect.
The whole lot is going on the blockchain.
Stratis is c# .net so its ready to go for existing businesses.



And the list goes on. What an informative thread, thanks Pahini :sparkling_heart::chipmunk::green_heart::chipmunk::purple_heart::chipmunk:


We have to trust that 7 will not be the weak link. :slight_smile:

Either way, brave new world…


Yes , reading about that project makes me think we still have big problems to overcome with our Blockchain and thinking that we are safe from a 51% attack is dangerous. As we grow in value and volume the threat will be even greater.