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This is great BRO!! the first ETN Africa YouTube will go live tomorrow I can’t wait! @Pahini @Pete @Peter_DIR @RSKNOR @B.F.A @Tika @M-Kid @JonneHex @PrestoCrypto


Sounds great @Emmanuel I wish you well.
Ill subrcribe and give you an upvote.


Can see how helpful you’re to me well I appreciate it,


:blush:perfect! The first.


Speculative about electroneum. Are we going to a dollar?


Latest AAT video!


I just now sent @Emmanuel 10,000 ETN to this address
etnkDCDigGigjUuCmH7MxbYrs5yrq4hs2YYjHGss3PfxfdBtf1Gt8f5AHjxq8aSLfY5fKmEiUc7Z2PKBGaDaBVUw7t4vM82mBL This is funds for him to get a cheep laptop donate if you choose to help him in our effort to expand into Africa. This is not a solicitation only a notification of what we are doing in Africa.

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I have sent 2500. Again this is totally of my own volition and not posted in any way to coerce or otherwise persuade anyone to be involved.


Id really like to see some promotion of Electroneum happening with the youtubers in Australia.
If there are any watching here please respond in this topic,
Make yourself known so we can promote your efforts to Share the vision of Electroneum in Australia.
I know" Nugget" is a well respected YouTuber in Australia.
His channel is "Nuggets News"awesome stuff.
Hes a real character.
One of my regular clients is a personal friend of his so I will see what I can get happening.
See whether he will do a promotion on Electroneum.
Anything’s possible. Crypto here is a pretty small community and we all do what we can on a personal level to gain awareness of the cryptosphere in general.
Great work @wTz1 and @Tanwax on promoting Emmanuals prospects of starting a channel.
Its a huge market over there with viral opportunity.
Well done!
I wish you luck @Emmanuel


Thanks lets see what the future holds but them I have great work to do


Whatever you do in life. Do it well.
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Microsoft will enter the Crypto market! Up Grade! Miners stopped 5hrs!


Hi all.
Update on my post above.
Im following up an E-mail contact now to get some YouTuber action happening on the Australian front.
I really hope hes interested enough to give it some air time.
Im sure most of the crew here would enjoy this guys candor.
Hes well respected in this Country with a good following.
I dont think I’ll have to shill the project to him as Electroneum stands upon its own when it comes to being a great investment.


News of the week electroneum!


Great stuff @Nascimento
Is anyone else covering Electroneum in your “region”?


Hay bro how is the YouTube channel going


@Emmanuel don’t forget to tell people about referrals and give your referral link for extra ETN! Stay blessed is your new tag buddy, use it everytime just like Mick with his Awesome! (I may have been privvy to a rough cut!)


I think he’s up and running!!

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Stay blessed @Emmanuel!


It’s going well so far,I just released some short video