ETN worldwide YouTubers


@Emmanuel is the vision of this project.
Thanks to the guys who helped and encouraged another true ambassador for this project.
Congratulations on your first video and may there be many many more.
:heart::heart: Electroneum :heart::heart:


Okay bro thanks I will,in current video I show the code


Thanks Bro I Appreciate It love


It’s great @Emmanuel, turn your phone sideways next time for a better overall picture, I understand when you are doing presentations on websites it isn’t possible but do it when you can and remember to tell people your referral code…even your enemies! Stay blessed!!


More love bro,I’ll adust to it as time goes on


I pasted the link in and watched it using bittube. You might want to consider uploading your video there also to earn more crypto.
If I could suggest for your next video you could try to introduce people to electroneum. Show what it is and how to get the mobile miner started. Tell them about the future possibility how someone local to you might use it. I think you covered price speculation.


Excellent suggestions @UncleDen I will stream whatever you put on there @Emmanuel along with @Nascimento Easy Tubes to be earnt.





South Africa Electroneum without borders!


Personal I am thinking of doing a live stream on 12/24/2018 I want to raffle 1,000etn on my channel but I will need your help!


How can we help you?


@Emmanuel Rasta G over at the Electroneum universe gave you a big shout out in his YouTube video Bro check it out about 15 min in.


Thats really cool.
Good to see people supporting each other.


How many youtubers we have total and languages that we have covered can someone give me a list, and if we have too if they have twitter account. I can work closely with them and give them some suggestions :wink: Who create this what i need will be rewarded in ETN…
Than @wTz1 can give it to 1st post this list and we can hit the subscribe button :wink:
I need list for example:

  1. Crypto for the peeps;number of subscribers: 21 268
    link to youtube channel;
    Contact: mail??
    or better Twitter name;
    language - English
    … and continue in this list. :wink:
    Have a look at this @The-Magic-Man


Help me by donating any possible amount of etn. And watching live also to increase the number of spectators. Whoever wants to donate etn to the live draw is just to say that I send the address of the wallet to the donation. It’s going to be a big draw for Christmas and I hope it will have a great audience and who knows how to draw someone from africa. With 1,000etn


Great community spirit from this guy, I haven’t come across him before. Subscribed now though. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am done with work for the year! I’ll be doing nothing for money for a good few days. Lovely stuff.


PM your address, I’ll send 500 over. Great job @Nascimento


Thank you! It’s already 50% of the value of the draw for live. wallet address for Christmas raffle donations: