ETN worldwide YouTubers


We are looking to support our community members who have Youtube channels spreading the good word of ETN around the world. Please share your links to their videos and also contribute if you can to giveaways to promote Electroneum. Let’s really reach out! One love.

The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread
Electroneum Podcast Vol 2 - Trailer / Teaser - Talking ETN with Chris Gorman - Electroneum Ecosystem
The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread


Well said, great idea,
I will send out a few invitations as I have aready joined youtube specifically to promote these videos only.
I have subscribe to @Nascimento and upvoted all his videos.
Good work @wTz1


No more likes today have a :chipmunk:


Just :heart: my squirrels.thankyou kind sir.


Is there someone hoe has a old laptop lying arround that he/she doesn’t use anymore. Maybe we can send him a old laptop so he can work on that instead of his phone. Or maybe we can collect some money to buy a old laptop but still in good condition so he can work on that and this is for the african youtube channel.



It’s a shame he can’t buy one with ETN…yet!




New personal video! As we are without any news at the moment I made a video explaining a little about the animals we use to give some figurative meanings to some market situations.


Thanks @NascimentoI'm hoping this will one day be a great place for all YouTubers worldwide to see each others videos on the forum. One Love.


Week Summary! And sweepstakes of the canal mugs.


Im happy to make more videos too if people are interested or work with others should anyone want to do so. Good work everyone.



Does it have to be Electroneum Videos!?

Yes I’ll take down my video!!


Nope, crazy TA’ers are all good in this community :grinning:


I’ll stick em in from now on then bud!


@Emmanuel This is where you need to post the link to your YouTube Video Bro. This will allow us to like and subscribe to it. Then we can support you with your ETN giveaways and contests we are here for you to support you.


I’m working on it I have to use some nice pic and stuff by the close of the day I will post the link