ETN World Wide Party


Looks a bit risqué
I know my tropical islands.
A lot that are that low lying will be under water in the next five years!!
Just another glimpse of whats out there…cheap.


Ok, just for the shindig then :joy:


We’ll do like an episode of “Island Flipper”
You know like those Reno shows.
Party up. sell it for heaps and move to higher ground!!


I contacted an Island dealer today .
I found this one …What do you reckon?



Theres always Ireland?
If you didnt want an Island!




I’d love to go to Ireland, it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit.


The castles there and scotland are amazing


I’ll take both :nerd_face::+1:


Olalala, nice places!


S/E Qld Australia
My weekend away


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: wow. Could you scout out a good spot for us while you’re there @Pahini :pray::pray::pray:


My daughter lives just south of there.
Mate lives North.
Ive lived around there for a while.
Im headingup there on thursday for 4/5 days



Those rocks are old! So thorn down by erotion, wow. Just hardest pieces left. Talking long before dino old.


26 -27 million years @JonneHex.
It is of great cultural significance.
In fact further south(where I am) stands an even bigger volcanic plug.
Mount Warning.
So culturally significant it is deemed " the mans place"
“People” are asked not to climb.
As is the case with Ayers Rock now.
It is considered disrespectful to do so.
A greaet deal of energy is stored within these areas due to the geological composition and the rate at which it cooled.
It forms a small part of a once very large and extremely active area.


“One for you and One for me”-The Presets.


How about some Snowboarding at a little “Chalet” in Japan? :blue_heart::blue_heart:

Another Beautiful Spot in Japan.


Will that be the ETN hub/accomodation? :nerd_face:


Thats just for the servants!


:joy::rofl::joy: because that’s how we treat people!
Are the servants the ones that buy in at $10? :nerd_face: