ETN World Wide Party


ETN meets The Grand Tour’s travelling tent, I like it.

ETN Island, even better. Electronia? Puerto Electroneum?


It’s an amazingly beautiful state and currently a bit more coastal but debating eventually going a little more inland once I save up the funds. I’d like a nice piece of property with some pretty high acreage to enjoy.

Far as the difference being a life long Mainer there can be in a way lol, but like anywhere it depends on the individual. I haven’t spent a ton of time inland though, just some when I was younger and camping in northern Maine. The most notable would be accent although I don’t have one myself. No ones ever guessed where I’m from by talking to me.

If you do, I’d recommend my home town of Bar Harbor as a stop. Also if you do go there make sure to go up to the top of Cadillac mountain and definitely see the rest of Acadia National Park for some mind blowing views. Also the carriage paths are fantastic to check out especially if you’re into cycling.

There’s some beautiful photos here too.

Of course you can Google more if you want to check it all out.


Wow, absolutely gorgeous! (:hearts: in 19 hrs…)

An old family friend has a house on an island up there, pretty sure Bar Harbor, my dad is the only one to spend time there. For now…

You’ll see in other posts that I’m a big fan of Alaska, and I’ve heard many people comparing inland ME to it. In fact, I know of a few AK “bush” pilots retiring to ME. Some working part time for a float op. AK takes 12-16 hrs of air travel from here, whereas 2 or so for ME. That is an advantage.


I always recommend Bar Harbor to everyone, thus far anyone who’s gone loved it. It well could be it’s a popular place and now that I think about it I need to go back and visit sometime myself. I have not been back there in several years.

I’ve never been to Alaska although it’s on my ever growing list of places to visit. I can see the comparison as least from videos and pictures I’ve seen. If you make it up to Maine to visit let me know your thoughts afterwards.




We could get a landscaper in to put a lightning bolt through a nice round island :smiley::+1:


I like it! that would look really cool actually. :grin:


So are we actually getting anywhere on this forum as far as has anyone planned an idea or should we create some sort of committee to start working on details of an actual place to meet at some point in time? Curious is all. I am really looking forward to meeting a lot of you!!!


Wow, looks beautiful!! What a nice back yard you have :smiley:


We’re still at finding the right location, so many to choose from :heart_eyes: this thread might get a little busier after MWC :nerd_face::four_leaf_clover:


Thunder tag your it then. :sunglasses::+1:


Well first things first is finding a timeline of the when. A year from now 2,5,etc. I am more than able and willing to put something together where I am from, here in Canada. I can even assist someone somewhere else via collaboration online etc etc. IN order to have fun we need a team, a venue, a date, a location and stuff to do when we are there. We can meet at a conference room in a hotel, or a swanky rented paradise (see link below) something like this which price per person is actually really affordable!

We need to determine length of stay if we are having seminars, awards for stuff, Mr Ells talking about community and the future of ETN or other ETN team members, distinguished guests etc etc or we could rent out our own little island something like this but bigger


I’m in Maine too @J5Alive :smile:


I think you’re the first fellow Mainer I’ve encountered who’s into crypto! That’s awesome.


Yup for me too! It is awesome. Now I have someone to btch about this cold to. It wouldn’t allow the word btch lol. When we moon maybe we need a super awesome snowmobile trip!


Lol yeah I tend to get sick of the cold after a while even though I’m as used to it as I am. All part of living here though of course. I used to ride all kinds of ATV’s but a snowmobile is one I missed out on but I’d absolutely do that! Sounds like a blast, i’d probably buy one once we get to that point too haha.


Yup they are fun. But we will also definitely join the group in warmer vacation locations too lol



Yes! That would be amazing!!


Is that the island we’re buying?? :heart_eyes: