ETN World Wide Party


It’s time we seriously discussed and organised this. 2020? 2025?
So where’s our middle point? Can we agree on location? Us Aussies are happy to host. Lots of deserts and coasts but we’re miles away from the rest of the world! Where and when?
What works for you? Let’s lock it in :heart_eyes::+1:

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

I say we just buy Great Keppel island.
Or any one of hundreds!


surfers paradise Queensland Australia…job done


Let’s do it! Buy Great Keppel Island :desert_island: hehehe


Oh dear…I’m like 5km away…
I never go there unless my job takes me there or I travel through it twice daily to work.


We used to go there from townsville thirty year ago as locals.
Was the place to go after work for beers , cheaper than the mainland!


I’m happy to put those conspiracy theories that Australia doesn’t exist to rest and host the party here! Any other suggestions?


Bora Bora


We could revolve it around @M-Kid Do you feel like travelling or should we come to you?


I don’t know 8eee, does Surfers Paradise reeeeeally capture the essence of E T N?


mmmm…yer its good for me because its in Australia but yer when we hit 1…2…3 bucks I don’t think I realy care where it is world wide…just jump on a plane and I will be there…


Maybe M-Kid will buy a plane and pick us all up… :thinking::rofl:


Hahaha :joy: please M-Kid, that would be so much fun!


hell if we all just pitch in we can buy a plane and fly it where ever…just like a rock band…


Good plan. But there might be a fair few of us. I’m thinking a deserted piece of coast would be amazing.


yer that…im with you…Bali or California or Australia somewhere as long as we can rage for a week or two…


How about that beach from the movie ‘Beach’? That exists somewhere.


But we don’t need to be that dramatic. Just a beautiful deserted beach will suit us ETNers.


that’s Thailand…yep im there bro just a hop step and jump from aussie …don’t know about the drama in the movie but that’s just shit anyway…


If this party is to be in Australia, @Pahini would you be kind enough to select the ultimate destination? You have a superior understanding of this land.
Anyone else with other country nominations? If you know where ETN is going, you’ll know how important it is to organise this shindig! :wink: