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I think it still have to go down to either the 61.8 or 78.6 fib line area?



watched Kirbys video on yt and he seems bearing because its forming head and shoulders…so i will wait few days and catch the falling knife :smiley: …or maybe it blasts trough 5300 and I just FOMO in :wink:



I am waiting for the resistance lines (X) to break, this falling knife can hurt allot :slight_smile:

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Will see… :smiley: usualy i say i will wait but fomo is not letting me :smiley:

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There is a case to be made for either direction. I personally believe we will fall to the 4k region before we start the real uptrend. But there are also reasons for it to go to 6k.

I have made an agreement with myself. If it goes up, great. I am happy with my positions as they are now and will sit back and enjoy the ride. But if we go down, I will buy more. No FOMO allowed.



Maybe time for ladder buying to average down?

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That’s what I did with ETN. Break even is now at $0.0087 Cents.

Now I am thinking I should buy a bit more to bring that down lower. Sure wish I knew when we would get some blockbuster news…



Moonman Says a wise man with a thick wallet? :sweat_smile:



This can do a man with patience :smiley:

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Would be much thicker if I didn’t see bitcoin in the news everyday in late 2017. Serious FOMO.

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Thats really good. Congrats. You grabbed the bear market by the neck. :clap::clap::clap::clap:



Nearly neck n neck :+1:


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I’m one of the lucky ones I guess with a break even price of 0.00500



Sheesh. You’ve been green your whole life. Lol

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BTC is trying hard to go up :slight_smile:

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Huge fight? We still need the C leg, I think the length of A leg will equal the length of the C leg down then we are at the 61.8 area?



The golden Cross can take place within a week. What do you think?



Looks like it will happen.
In the 2015 Bullrun we had a golden cross, then a retracement of like 35% and then the bullrun started.
This time it doesnt have to be exactly like that. We will see.



Is it about to happen… are we about to see ETN at, or lower than it has ever been, (the ICO price of $0,005)! The predictions above are that BTC may possibly be ready for one last dip of 10/15% and if ETN does head back to 80 sats then we could be looking at prices as low as $0.0036, which barely seems possible!!

Does anyone else think this is possible/probable and would we get a reaction if this does happen, or would it scare everyone away?



At it’s current rate, we’ll be at 80 sats by the 27th of this month. If BTC does have a correction, then we should go up in sats, in theory.

There’s a huge buy order of 5 million etn at 74 sats on KuCoin, so I don’t think we’ll go below that, wink wink.