ETN social networking


It may have been discussed before but with the users numbers and the capability of Electroneum having their own networking site is going to be easy to implement and market. Think of the value to the brand and price.
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Kinda like this forum you mean? :thinking:


I was actually going to do a comprehensive post about this a bit down the road but I can chime in now. Currently with Facebook violating peoples privacy left and right and abusing it’s users I for one thing it needs some direct competition who does it RIGHT.

I’ve got several ideas for this but probably would do a stand alone post as it’d get more exposure. It could greatly contribute to ETN as a whole and could attract a tremendous amount of users in general to expose them not just to ETN but in general a FAR better social platform. Have all the same types of features as FB just more privacy and control over accounts. I’ll do a detailed post on this shortly now that it’s been brought up.


I’m up there with you. I can honestly see a lot of tentacles from the user numbers. They don’t need to sell to Mr Zuckerberg . Has Richard met him already …?? I can see one billion people using Electroneum and it’s associated utilities in a very short time. I’ll be going to the next MWC in the new year.


Not for nothing but there are already platforms out there that do this, like Minds.

Electroneum Social Network Like Facebook

@Cryptostore I just did a pretty long in depth post on this concept which I hope you don’t mind. I was planning to do this a bit later but you got me motivated and I linked to this thread as well for you and gave you a shout out as I have been thinking about this a long time. I thought of this pretty early on as an idea for Electroneum.


Indeed there are others, but none like I just posted about with the features I thought should be implemented and none of them are mass scale really. Some are large yes, but not the scale of what I’m thinking. Plus more competition is a good thing. I think you’ll appreciate my concepts.


Hi, J5Alive
We are here for the common goal of enhancing our investment I support you 100 % go head and write the article my upmost respect to you…

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I appreciate the support, I didn’t want you to think I was trying to steal the idea had it sitting in my head a long time, you’ll see I went into great detail on the concept. I’d like it if you could go give it a read and give some feed back. I agree 100% and same here, it’s a truly awesome idea too and could contribute immensely to Electroneum. You’ll see the post here on Ideas & Recommendations. Here’s a link too.