Electroneum Social Network Like Facebook


Hello everyone first off this topic was indeed mentioned recently but I wanted to do a stand alone post about my concept for the social network idea I’ve had a long time since FB has been violating a plethora of privacy laws and not allowing nearly enough user control. The market is poised for a new competitor to come out who does it RIGHT. ETN I think due to being a currency and aiming for mass adoption could really take advantage of this opportunity.

First I’ll start with the features I think should be implemented which FB has not added that should have been. These are things I kept hoping FB would add but they never do, they are over not concerned with users safety and or well being in my opinion.

Social Network Features:

  • Grid Search Control - I’m sure you’ll all love this one, anytime you look someone up or have visited a profile it’ll be on grid search literally forever. The only way to stop that far as I know would be to block said individual. There should be a method to delete all visited pages from popping up on the grid search and search suggestions. There should at least be a toggle switch to enable and disable this feature depending on the users preference. We all know soon as you type a single letter names galore pops up you could careless to see and there is no way to really remove them indefinitely same as with visited pages.

I see it like this, perhaps you keep having an ex pop up and you have to block them however seeing their name for many can trigger negative feelings so you literally don’t want to see that name on the grid or blocked list. I’ve seen complaints on this ever since it came out and people have been hounding FB to change it.

  • Profile Reboot - This is another idea I’ve had for quite some time where instead of needing to create a new profile for a fresh start as many of us have done I’m sure there should be a feature in profile settings to click a button that restarts your profile from scratch giving you a new beginning without the need to create a new account on a new email.

When you click the Profile Reboot button you could have tick boxes of what data you’d like removed such as, visited pages, friends, previous searches, photos, videos and more. Then you can begin anew and not have to create a totally new profile.

  • Optional Real Name Policy - For this one I’ll elaborate as to why it should be optional and not mandatory. Here’s an example of why one shouldn’t HAVE to use their real name. Imagine a woman being abused by an ex for example and he has tendencies towards stalking. Using a real name policy would make the said victim MUCH easier to find when they should in such a case be free to use any screen name their choosing for safety/anonymity purposes. FB has not taken such things into consideration which I find ridiculous. However anyone should have this right simply as a freedom of choice. If they abuse the platform a good abuse/report system and be put into place.

  • User Name Changes - I personally think we should have the option to change a user name anytime we please, again the freedom of choice. Sometimes we say hmm well I used to like that username but I’d like a different one I like more. Not like the ONE username change FB allows, that’s just silly.

  • Optional Profile Verification With A Badge - With this feature the user could choose to do a KYC type of verification to prove their the person they claim to be in order to help prevent people hijacking their identity with a fake profile. I’ve been thinking this is also an option that should have been done long ago if people choose to do so. Like twitter or an official fan page on FB this could be accompanied with a badge on the profile showing you’ve gone through the process.

  • Comprehensive Abuse Reporting - This is another issue with FB I see where they have an absolutely horrible reporting system that lacks many categories to report whatever situation you may be in. You want to report say an individual for abusing people or inappropriate behavior but low and behold you can’t since they have one of the worst reporting systems in website history!

There should be a reporting button on all profiles/fan pages which tick box options to report a plethora of different violations whatever they may be and a description box with a section to upload screen shots or videos of the said violations that will be seen by a REAL human being. Yes it’d eventually as it grew take a good sized department to handle such things, but I find it very necessary. Also with the proper reporting system in place as I stated, it’d streamline the process. This could be under continual development and advancement.

  • Advertisement Controls - A user should be able to manually turn off advertisements in my opinion, many people I feel would still leave them on of course so the company can make money. Also, we should be able to use tick boxes again to select what types of ads we’ll be shown. So many companies may not like this BUT they may infact actually learn to appreciate it because users have more control which means, happy users = more responsive to ads they DO like to see.

Also I had the thought to ban some types of ads entirely for safety and or highly problematic concerns. I think political ads, pharmaceutical, porn, anything hacking related, scam type ads etc should all be prohibited. Of course one only needs to see the debacle FB went through with the political ads scandal.

  • Site Suggestion Feedback - This is important to have so users can mention features they think would improve the platform, again the users matter and their feedback should be taken into consideration if the idea is genuinely good. You could take time to accumulate many ideas and do a site wide poll of which to implement. I think it’d be highly appreciated.

  • REAL support - Another thing FB lacks is some form of genuine support, there is literally no way to contact them at all. Now, I do think as the size of said social network gets too large you’d need to choose how to do this as phone calls would likely end up being quite challenging it’d require large team. However email support/live chat I do think could work really well here. Again yes an extra expense but there are times people REALLY do need to communicate a serious issue that othewise is overlooked.

  • Disable Friend Suggestions - Another feature I know many people have wanted a long time on FB is the ability to disable friend suggestions so it’s not constantly popping up to annoy you. Of course, it would be one you can turn on or off.

  • Block Options - This would be an enhanced version of blocking someone that isn’t currently available in FB. My idea here would be adding some blocking options for people based on how strong of a block you want. First option could be a default block, you block said person and they do go on a block list IF you want to unblock them possibly later. The second option would be to do a permanent block where when you select this option they don’t even show up on your block list or on search, they’re completely blocked and removed as if they never existed at all and populate no list. I think this is good because as I stated in my graph search feature, sometimes for people just seeing someone who did them wrong’s name is just a nasty reminder, or perhaps you just want to have that option for whoever for whatever reason.

  • Crypto Friendly - On this network, you could make it crypto friendly so people could promote fan pages, buy ads, add various cryptos first to their store fronts to accept purchases, allow games who utilize the platform to do the same and add cryptos of their choice. Also, this could expose a massive amount of people to not only cryptos but get Electroneums instant payment system tremendous exposure.

You could also at Electroneums discretion allow crypto advertisements of course vetting them first to make sure they’re legitimate and not a scam or pump and dump and have a real use case. Perhaps even institute a rule that if you’re going to allow one to advertise on the platform they have to be going the regulated route if you feel that’d be a necessary stipulation.

  • Sleeker UI ( User Interface ) - This one isn’t so much of a feature but a much sleeker more aesthetically pleasing user interface would sure be nice too as FB looks so dated. I just wanted to add this idea too, Facebooks UI looks like it was designed 15 years ago. Also one that’s super easy to navigate.

This could also have a permanent link to and help promote the use of the gig economy site. I think the combination would work very well together.

Of course keep all the other features like live video streaming, a gaming section, classifieds, groups and so on. I am sure I will think of more too but we can all add ideas to this thread to make it even better. I truly think this could lend to Electroneum and granted there is some competition NONE of them are adding the features I mentioned or very few anyway. Also it could allow Electroneum to be used on the platform for ads/store fronts which could also be added to the site people could start too as well as provide MASSIVE exposure to the Electroneum brand.

If you like this idea @ETNCEO please send a message, I got some things I’d like to run by you.

I know if I saw a network adding these things I’d leave FB in a heartbeat. Everyone feel free to chime in and give your thoughts, I’d love to see them and here’s some credit to the person who posted the other thread on this topic. I just wanted a stand alone post to delve deep into the idea. You got me off my butt to type this out @Cryptostore so thank you. I was going to post this later but you motivated me to do this and I hope you don’t mind my doing another post on it.

Here’s a link to his thread for reference all:

ETN social networking