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Question is, did you tell her about the secret stash? Lol


Hahahahah nope , but get this

Got her wine , roses and card . Said ill take you out for dinner somewhere nice…

She said no thanks ill have a Mcdonalds breakfast you spend the rest on etn…

Nuff said…


Hello people of fomo land…

Could you please have a read from here.

And feel free to reply there with thoughts.

My replies there a being moderated ATM.

What do people think about the unbanked needing to pass level 3 kyc to even use the app?



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Getting closer !!!


Yep tomorrow will be a nice number :slight_smile:


I can see Storm is typing…lol

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Yeah tend to make a few posts at one time and then spend rest of the day researching ETN :wink: and going to the gym, and swimming!


What are you researching daily? Lol

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It’s not our job to get all worked up about it. ETN has to follow KYC regulations for where they’re based. It doesn’t matter if you like it, or agree with it, it is what it is.

ETN could not move forward with mobile partners or any corporates without KYC/AML. end of story.

You should take a look at some of the laws and regulations being put into place in Singapore for example and it’s rather obvious where crypto, fintech, any service that has a payment platform, anything that is digital and transfers money will be regulated eventually.

Including exchanges.

I imagine they will eventually find better solutions for those who are currently having issues with level 3 verification. Those sort of things can’t be solved over night.

It’s not all unbanked that are effected by the issue you and your wife are having with KYC.


No thanks I will stick with ETN.

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It does seem to contradict the goal of targeting the unbanked and then asking for a bank statement. We need a list of countries that require level three and a list that do not. From what I’ve read it’s most countries that are outside of Europe. Maybe I’m missing something. Can anyone confirm ?

The unbanked aren’t going to have thousands/millions of dollars worth of ETN

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I’m not saying they don’t have to comply to regulations, I’m just saying that advertising ETN as crypto for the poor and unbanked (aka 3rd world countries) and then asking for data about employment status and bank statement is not right.


Like @Dngruss said, it’s not really Electroneum’s call. Governments of the world, namely US, EU and UK have determined certain countries to be at risk of funding terrorism and money laundering for other “nefarious” means. It’s a government problem not an ETN one.

(Please note, I’m not saying the governments are correct or incorrect in claiming these things about certain countries. As the saying goes, not my monkeys, not my circus.)


For some countries (at least mine), it doesn’t matter how much ETN you have. My wife has about 300 ETN (she got it through mobile mining only), and she still has to complete level 3 KYC to be able to access wallet and continue to use mobile (now cloud) miner.