ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Double the inflation double the coins in the pocket and it’s seen in their forecast as they are upgrading to it now! They spoke to Amazon today didn’t they!? And amazon has an ETN dot com registered I thought. Definitely a crypto one on the sky! Think about the bigger deals once SA have the data back from a same real use case senorio and this will snowball mid July I have in my head for some reason can’t shake it!! :sunglasses::+1:


No worries :slight_smile:


Pretty sure I remember that just being coincidence and ETN in that context stands for Exchange Traded Note. I’ll not pretend to know what that means, but I do not believe that it has anything to do with Electroneum, that said, the Amazon security video made me tingly. That’s wicked good press IMO. Amazon said our name. (Never Ending Story, Say my Nammmmmme!)


@Sk8Monkey I know and they made a point of asking questions about us, it’s a good sign! And million to one shots happen 9 times out of ten from experience. :sunglasses:


That was SamsungETN that some bright spark spotted and jumped to the wrong conclusion, the Amazon wrong conclusion is normally the one involving them using Amazon’s web services. :roll_eyes:

When Amazon?

When eBay?

When Uranus?


Really? Shouldn’t they happen one time out of a million?


Pluto is a dwarf planet now so we won’t think of him but when Mars when asteroid belt!!


If you look on Reddit, there is a year old post about the Amazon ETN website. I remember the discussions about it with a fair amount of clarity.


Well, I always liked the sound of the Oort Cloud, let’s go there.


Make Pluto a planet again!


Let’s get baseball caps done saying PAPA


That’s the joke mate read “Terry Pratchett” he’s an amazing author… :blush::+1:


I had a cat named ‘‘PounceQuick’’…


I know and all these deals are coming out NOW! They have been very busy and it seems to me that it may be ETN related!


Ya but they are throwing me off my game. Announcements in the middle of the week. Pfft. (lol)


@Sk8Monkey Wednesday is the new black!


lol But it’s easier for me to take Friday off and FOMO than Weds. Somebody talk to the team. Don’t they know I am important?


@Sk8Monkey We are all as important as each other and the team too and time is an illusion lunch time doubly so!


I’ve read him and he wasn’t funny at all.


How about Piers Anthony then?