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Far out man! :v:

That’s cool, my mom had a '67. Fun to cruise around in. 1st gear up on the dash, 2nd gear somewhere in the back seats lol

She’s still upset :cry: about selling that one! (Buyer actually came over here from the UK and shipped it back)


When you say ‘team’ etn have some appointed ambassadors there correct? I don’t think we have any information on who or how many yet. Do we? Things moving quickly if I’ve forgotten maybe. :slight_smile:


Who thinks there are too many coins? :slight_smile:

Too many coins being mined and dumped!


Get off my back, I’m buying them as quick as I can! :wink::rofl:


Always buy more ETN
This is financial advice. :slight_smile:


Hahahaha - nice!!! :laughing:


I dont think there are too many coins, ~6m a day is fine at £0.005 each, its £30k of new coins.

We need to think about 1 years time when these things will be like hens teeth and we have thousands/ten of thousands/millions of the things


Once people are using etn to buy stuff it will sort it self out …


Yes, when you look at it like that £30k doesn’t seem like so much, and even less so when injected into a real world economy.


I’m working on something very cool to help with this(still just a concept). I actually just met with my best friend and we took the next step in our concept. I can’t disclose much more information at this time but my concept is starting it’s journey. More information coming “soon”.

And we will be accepting Electroneum :+1::zap:


I know some people are complaining about the emission rate at the moment but i dont believe it’s high enough for real-world mass adoption.

In my town, there is a high population of Goan’s working here to send money back home. Lets say 10 of those start using ETN to send £100 back home each month. That’s 200,000 coins needed just for those each month.

Multiply that by every town across the UK, western Europe, USA, insert any other place and you’re going to have a massive demand


Well when there isnt ‘enough’ supply it just means price goes up to compensate :grin:


Yeah but that is only if you’re relying solely on etn from cloud mining. That’s meant to be just an intro really isn’t it. The hope is they’ll earn a lot more through the gig economy, or maybe buy more if they can.


I think there are not enough at server capacity of 200 Million at new upgrade with mobile miner being 100 ETN to payout that’s 20 billion coins/tokens and given at least 1 billion must be being HODLed that’s total supply eaten up buy the mobile miner right there… an inflation event needs to happen during mass adoption. Think ahead and it’s obvious look along the timeline!


Sorry, I’m a bit confused - what relates to cloud mining?? This post was about once the team start promoting the benefits of remittence


Woo commerce plugin download

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We are now under 5,900,000 Etn block reward daily

5,895,309.6 Etn daily


ETN is a definitely a…


If that ever happens we’ll all have a smile. :slight_smile:


Yeah sorry mate i can see that now, I hadn’t read your post properly, I was skim reading in the kitchen waiting for food to cook.