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Not read any. :neutral_face:


Whooooa now whoa what? Did you say you can follow a polt or have no sense of humour I’m just trying to understand if you read his 30 plus books or read the intro and put it down!? @pete never took Sopp huh!?


Say, what? Follow a polt? Hey, catch that polt he’s getting away!!!


@pete Haha :joy: try lysergic and a read to expand a filterless experierence of the world… reset or purge starts at changing what Robert Anton Wilson calls inprints and Timothy Leary explains all look into them they are very interesting subjects.


No, it’s illegal. :neutral_face:


But don’t get carried away with it. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I would tell you a story, but this isn’t the forum for it lol


Try salvia then the green goddess it’s legal.

Expand your mind is what I’m saying I think it’s been a long time since I have experienced it but some people could have advantages in my opinion


Reading Thomas Wolfe (Thomas not Tom of Electric Kool Aid fame since we’re on the subject) right now, he’s the guy Kerouac ripped off. You don’t see him in the bookshops now probably because his books are full of the N word and stuff, so book sellers are afraid of it.


Agreed it was in my youth and expanded my mind and silicon valley people micro dose LSD to come up with ideas so its not far from the forums ideas or indeed any tech company with coders and ideas men!


Yeah, I know all about that stuff, you know what my avatar is don’t you?


Cool @PrestoCrypto look forward to hearing about it …



Never really thought into the macro of Micro of it please explain I am really wondering now!?


Explain what?


@Pete You suggested your avatar is something more?


The Grateful Dead lightning bolt, so Acid Tests, Leary, etc, etc.

It just tickles me that two of my favourite things have a similar logo.

But not the Flash as I was a Marvel boy not DC.


@Pete You are too hidden about it open up and feel free!


Well, I just told you.


@Pete I totally respect that and thank you for it my friend!


@Pete message me and we can talk you are a closed book!


I am a big Marvel fan, but they did a really good job of the Flash series. They took a whole bunch of weak characters, and made an amazing show. I have a LOT of comics lol