ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

I might be stupid as some would say because I own only ETN from all 8k cryptos…but really belive in this project…this will change lives…


There’s some other good projects out there also but as you can see this is where I’m also devoted. , other projects are not the same and not wanting the same but crypto has some futuristic tech that may pan out in the long run for a select few.

Electroneum is changing the game with a tangible real use case not just something to speculate over. Electroneum is my main bag as I also believe in the project and its vision. As I’ve said before I’d love to be an ambassador and spread the word for a living doing what I can to help gain adoption. This project has my passion and I agree it is going to change lives.


volume back down to 2.5mil…maybe it really was just a wash trading because of competition :slight_smile:


Or someone big got in quick…


By my observations it was exactly that.

The ETN/ETH pair had countless buy and sell orders of just over 1 million coins being sold at the same amount of sats over and over again and the amount of coins were exactly the same in the order. It wasnt a nice even order of exactly 1million (which you could just say was coincidence) it was a number like 1,057,245 buy then 1,057,245 sell… rince and repeat


@Annastasia woocommerce store selling Electroneum stickers is now up go check them out! They accept Etn :+1:


I think wash trading is starting again. We are back up to 3 Mil in volume

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Hope everyone is well this fine Thursday :+1:

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Thanks @PrestoCrypto !!! Yep, stickers are up and ready everyone! Checkout my site if you like.


Enjoying all this trade, looking forward to the steady climb though…

Lots of Etn moving around right now :eyes:

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Holy crap man. That’s ridiculous. They are all buy orders.

Basically it’s a transfer from someone holding lots of ETN to someone with lots of ETH

Vitalik has seen the potential of ETN :stuck_out_tongue:


ahahaha yea that would be something!

And in return we got coins and that’s where it ends. They owe you nothing and can do what they like.


Yep. Someone’s having a nice long bath.

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Good day fine people. I’ve been thinking. Back to the vending thing we were speculating about…sort of. In the vein of the ‘Phone that pays you back’. None of us in the west care for a small amount of ETN every now and again (it’s free right? So take it anyway,) but…what about the phone that buys you a coffee or perhaps a soft drink from a vending machine every now and again. I’ve been dreaming a little and it would be a monster deal for it to happen…but…coffee…soft drinks…anyway. That’s enough thinking and dreaming from me I need a lie down as it’s worn me out.


I think you might mean a proof of concept ready for ETN to instant payment FOMO!!!

Coco cola and ETN could it be? They own costa coffee!


Could be a bit of a wild stab in the dark there. It would be truly ridiculously big for a new company. Fun idea though! Just imagine…


Oh I like to just through out the hook and see if I get a bite!

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