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Okay cool. Thanks for clearing that up


Can we maybe add the Monsters to the gameplay sheet under characters, along with their zombie spawns so we can keep track of it?


or maybe a new monsters tab in the sheet?


Like a gameplay sheet to show the current situation?


Thanks @Saint_Crypto for updating the spreadsheet. I was watching as you went. Please may I withdraw the other ETN?


I’m surprised that I’m the only one who as chosen a class…


Etn has been sent and is currently processing


Great idea, this forum won’t allow me to post a new update in the beastiary forum cause I’ve been posting too many posts in a row. I’ve added the tab now though.


Our attack every 12 hours…

Is it 12 from our last attack

Or 12 from beast spawn time?


I think it is easier to keep track of beast spawn


I see that I have unlocked my prophet ability for Nezereth. If I use it, do I first roll 10d6 damage towards myself and then add an extra 10d6 to my next attack roll?


Exactly, if you die due to it you may not attack


Cool. Also wanted to check if my wizard class means that my damage is magical?


Arcane Missile would have been magical damage but you chose Continous Learner, so attack with sword will still count as physical.

Btw, I forgot the 2 extra brut points from Mage & CL so adding them now :slight_smile:


Wraiths 2D6 burn damage counts as magical though.


Hi @Saint_Crypto. Please may I request a withdrawal of the ETN balance for Yoshi?


Hi @Saint_Crypto may I please request a withdrawal of ETN for both Wraith and Legolas please?