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I have a question regarding Nurag. There’s an ability to sacrifice worms to gain their HP and there’s also an ability to gain (community level * d6) whenever a player or creature dies. Do these abilities work together? So 10HP from worm plus the 2d6 roll?

Building on that, if I’m a Nurag follower and someone else’s worm dies in combat or is sacrificed, does that trigger my ability to gain (community level * d6) HP?

Considering making a tank and want to know the mechanics.


If you choose to consume a spawn, it’s 2d6+10

Edit: It does not trigger on other players worms. Only your own. Otherwise it would be totally broken.


Lol ya we could all just follow that God and become immortals.

How does the worm spawn work if you have a shield that absorbs damage?

Does it spawn while the shield is still active or only once the shield is gone and the damage comes out of your HP?


It spawn when your health is reduced, hence not during shield absorbtion


@Tim you just passed the 1000 accumulated ETN threshhold. Remember just to poke we me if/when you want to cash it out


@Thunder Are you willing to transfer your Dark Essence to @Maritz and if so, what’s the price each?


Please explain the affinity in this:

Human: Your affinity to the deity increases 50% faster
How do I gain affinity 50% faster?


Yes I am, looking up how much I have right now. I will sell them all!


On the God page it says at the bottom how each God’s affinity is earned.

You chose Agni. You get 1 affinity per ETN spent as forging cost.

As you are human, you would earn 50% more affinity, so you would get 1.5 affinity per ETN spent at the forge.

If you wanted to change God you could, but you would forfeit any affinity you had earned up to that point.


I looked up my roll Maritz and had 6 Dark essences.

17d](ETN Arena - Gameplay)

@ETNbot roll 1d6 for dark essence




:game_die: 6

I will sell them all to you for 50 ETN each, buy them all or how every many you want up to Six! Cheers My ETN Address is,


Have a great day!


:game_die: 3


Once I get the ETN I will get Saint to update the notes to reflect the change!



1 x minor health Potion bought for Wraith (120 etn)
1 x Extra character to be added for me please (200 etn)

New Character:

Race: Elf
Name: Legolas
God: Nurag
1 x Long Bow (300 etn)
1 x Steel arrow (30 etn)
1 x Scale torso armour (500 etn)
1 x chainmail head armour (250 etn)
1 x Large round shield (400 etn)

Total etn paid: 1800


Long bow is a 2 handed weapon hence you cant gain the absorb bonus from the shield at the same time.

Will update docs once I see confirmation


Confirmation recieved and docs have been updated. I noticed you didnt purchase a quiver however, instead of adding the shield I left that ETN as accumulated. Check which quiver you want. The quiver size determines the maximum number of attacks you may perform during a single combat.


1 X elvish quiver please and 1 x extra minor health potion for Wraith with the 400 etn left


Has my chainmail hood has been absorbing damage for me?


@Saint_Crypto I see my legolas character only says 5 damage but the steel arrows give extra 1 damage and my elf character awards 1 damage as well? making it 7 total?


Steel arrow gives +1 not +1D6. But you are right you should have 6D6+1


No, because so far I think you’ve only been targeted by fire damage which ignores absorbtion. Unless Kahvia has hit you, but I don’t think he has.