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Use this thread to discuss game suggestions, improvements etc. etc. Anything about the game that’s not about playing the game.
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Is it okay to join the arena, roll your attack, roll the monsters attack all in one post? And also where do I find my community level? :smile:


Absolutely you can do that :slight_smile: I do need the ETN-address though for ETN-payouts.
You are an educator, so you are community level 2 :slight_smile:


I don’t think it worked out correctly :sweat_smile: Maybe I need to attack and get attacked in separate posts?


Yeah, I think bot only runs one command in each post unfortunately


Just roll another D6 to see how hard he hits you :slight_smile:


Or you! :smiley: remember it should be random who it attacks :wink:


Damn true, 1-3 me, 4-6 you

@ETNbot roll 1d6


:game_die: 5


Do you where the requirements for the community levels can be found?



They should add to that post now, that as your community level rises, you get more health and attack in the “ETN Arena” :joy: Got to get that professor level!


Hahaha further motivates people :wink:


You going have have big end level bosses? That would be cool ha ha ha I have my nerd on let’s do this!!!

Maybe an epic boss comes out after we kill 5 regular monsters.

Be neat to earn speciall effects to like where I could defend aanother community member if I roll a 6 on a d6 or something like that so someone getting smacked with low level can have a hero maybe save the day? Oh the ideas are a coming!!


Looks really cool! I’m keen to join.

I do have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there any hopping back out or are we in it while sleeping/working?
  2. Do we do the monsters attack roll? If so how do we keep tab on how many people are in the arena and could possibly be hit and how do we cater for everyone in that roll? Surely we’ll have more than 6 people.


As of now, I’m the sole admin for this meaning I will most likely only be able to stay up to date a few hours each day (not so much when I work).
Players can do monsters attack rolls, absolutely.
Stats can be seen at and is updated as frequently as I can.

One approach might be to only roll Level 1-3 monsters for lv 1 community members. Level 2-4 monsters for lv 2 community members etc. But that might be a lot of work. My idea that some ETN employee would update the bot so we could randomize different numbers and not only sixes.

What do you mean by hopping back out? To avoid damage ;)?


Yeah, we will have to figure out a way to make it balanced someone. Another alternative is that the creature always will attack the player with the most HP, but that removes some of the fun of unpredictabiltiy.


Well answered, and yes to avoid damage, although I’m not opposed to armoring up :slight_smile:
A couple more questions:

  1. Does gear drop on death?
  2. Is there a time limit for buying and using a fomo stone?

  1. Hmm good idea, I will consider it :slight_smile:
  2. Nope. You can resurrect whenever


Perhaps have two revival options? A cheap one for reviving without gear and a more expensive one for reviving with your equipment.