Electroneum's Future

Any fair idea about how Electroneum would be like say the next 4 to 5 years and any predictions about the price per ETN within next 5 years?
I give 1ETN $1000.
Any price predictions??

4-5 yrs prediction is too far for me
The only thing I see is etn 1$ up 2019.

Well it could be so, but I’m so sure by middle of next year your dream will be a reality

The funny thing is that people are seeing this low price thinking that it won’t rise again, remember when etn touched 22cent back in Jan there was no product…not up to 1millon users that time.
Compare that to now we are 2.2mil, all products about to go live sept-Oct if we have another bull run like we had last year, etn will be at a dollar or beyond this January…

So true,I don’t know if they are waiting for etn to shoot up to 1$ before they start buying??

That’s human nature and mentality, when the price is shooting up that’s when they will FOMO
Intelligent people pick the right coins that has potential at the dip and hold!!
I so much believe in this coin… Watch out!!
Etn will drive mass adoption for Crypto.


Thanks bro, where to get more of the coin is my headache I don’t care about it price for now

Yeah all the people right now only see low price and no product except the mobile miner so far and when Electroneum rises up and has their products ready hopefully this month and is doing marketing next year then all in a sudden everyone will want to be in it but i think with everything they are aiming for any price could technically be possible for ETN to reach :sunglasses::rocket: we will just have to Hodl and see where ETN leads us :wink:


It will lead us to success just but more of it now
Wow I wish to own a billion coin

My headache is the Fiat to buy more
Am just holding 27k coin… Aiming for 50k coin but no fiat.

Hmm I’m holding 10k aiming at 50k too but fiat to buy

I had the dream, the ETN was falling from the sky. It means it reached every single soul on our planet. It is nice to dream. I see the Electroneum future very bright and price can be anywhere between 1$ and 100,000$. If you Believe anything is achievable.


Indeed anything is achievable,
I’m considering investing in ETN more with my school fees

That would be a bad idea sir, only invest money you can afford to lose

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In year 2019 - price 0,5-1 USD
in year 2020 price 1-5 USD
in year 2021 price 5-20 USD
in year 2022 price 20-50 USD
But need create - gig economy, demand for our coin, marketing, daily use worlwide, 100% funkcional product…
So we need to create user friendly WIN wallet, translation to 50+ worldwide languages… and make all what is writen at the white paper pages 13 + 14 read it here: https://electroneum.com/overview-white-paper.pdf
Just some example of the writen:

Funds Raised: $10 - $20m
Technical Development
Hire developers, designers and engineers
with experience of integrating with the
largest brands.
Raising this level of funds would enable us
to translate into the 30 most predominant
languages on the planet.
Authority highlighting the security
credentials of the currency will make it
attractive to those who are still wary of
purchasing online.
Our marketing at this level will include
some key endorsements. Aside from
being endorsed by gaming influencers, the
security and convenience of Electroneum
could be endorsed by global celebrities.
Funds Raised: $20 - $40m
Technical Development
Ensure our blockchain development team
is assembled from the finest minds in the
industry, allowing us to take Electroneum
forwards with upgrades and developments
to meet future expectations and
Encourage takeup of everyday online
usage getting voucher apps like Groupon,
Wowcher, TravelZoo and ecommerce sites
like Amazon, Ali Baba and Taobao on board
will bring the currency into the everyday
domain for millions of consumers.
Set up JV’s and partnerships with major
websites, attempting to partner with the
likes of Facebook and Google. Ensuring
consumers know they can mine while
they’re surfing the web and earn valuable
currency via their phone, desktop and
Look at building in mining features into
existing popular games by partnering with
the game producers. Attempt to create JV
with Minecraft as the user could be mining
a real world currency (Electroneum) at the
same time as playing the game.


Well that make sense we are just contouring figures

I agree, but it is nice to dream of, does not hurt anyone. It will be one day 1000$ :), need to believe.


Vzcrypto22 could that be possible
I can only see 100$ in the next 5yrs and that’s the farthest that am seeing…

Well, do you remember last year BTC rally? Would you or anyone say BTC will reach over 18,000$ in matter of months. And what BTC really did to gain such a value? - NOTHING. In life sometime few things must puzzle and complete the picture.
I do not like the predictions but still I believe ETN will gain value of 1$ until eoy. Instant payment and iOs app should be a huge drive to get the market sentiment.


But one thing is for sure, if we had bull run this year like we did last year, etn will be in a dollar range in no time with all the products going live this year!