Electroneum Vault (Security vs Financial Freedom)


I was watching the interview with Richard Ells and CryptoRich (thanks to @Deedigital, link below), where it was mentioned that the community forum and the wallet have the same login. This brings up the matter of security - the more vectors of attack, the less secure the ETN in your wallet.
Now personally I store most ETN in an array of paper wallets, having this in mind, but not everyone wants to do that. So…

There should be a way to control the outflow of your funds without direct interference from the company.
The simplest way, I would think, is to have two types of wallets. One “spending wallet” without any kind of limitations, and a second “vault wallet” which you can set your own chosen time limit before transfer can take place into the spending wallet.
This way if someone does compromise your wallet, they would first have to move the bulk from Vault to Spending, and then wait a predetermined amount of time before stealing your funds. In that time hopefully you’d check on your wallet and cancel the transfer.

With this method we have security and user control at the same time.

Any other ideas welcome!



Kinda like this?


I like this a well. Additional password could be a pain for many but like a time based vault that can be put in but delay coming out would be adequate.

Like a checking account and mutual fund

In fact make the time based vault a “staking wallet” to encourage holding


This Forum account i am using at the moment isn’t my primary etn wallet account, i created it thinking, theres no way im staying logged in with my etn exposed. Like richard said, it isn’t a problem to create another wallet, but then im thinking the total figure for the amount of ETN wallets might blow out.


Oh wow. Sorry I never saw that one! Yeah looks like we’re on the same wavelength!


Haha no worries! Definitely a feature that I think would be nice to have.