Electroneum Vault Idea


I’d like to see something like the Mobile/Web wallet, called the “ETN Vault”. Accessible via both Mobile and Web apps, this would be a wallet which has both heightened security and verification steps, as well as a set transaction time-delay, during which any transfers out can be cancelled easily, to further harden the security. I’d also see it being such that you can only transfer in/out to your linked wallet, rather than directly to another user.

I feel this could bridge a gap between the Paper/CLI wallets and the Mobile/Web wallet, in both convenience and security.

If you have further ideas/improvements, please post them below! If you feel like this is a good idea, please vote for this post to show your support.


Electroneum Vault (Security vs Financial Freedom)

Given the user numbers Electroneum is projecting, I don’t feel that a full custodial service (real people handling paper wallets behind the scenes) is a realistic idea for this to be a widely used option. But something similar in features, handled instead by a walled system.