Electroneum Nigeria - Bet9ja, MTN, GLO, 9Mobile,Airtel, JUMIA and Malls


Hello @chris.gorman and @ETNCEO good day!!!
I have been following ETN Project right from ICO.
Introduced lots of friends and investors to the Project and they have done likewise.

This article would be the prospect of ETN, if Launched in Nigeria officially.

Achieving Mass Adoption of ETN in Nigeria is going to be as easy as.
I will analyse top brands and usage coverage in Nigeria and how partnering with them is so easy and fruitful.

  1. Bet9ja
    The Largest betting site in Nigeria with over 10Million users. Outlet of close to 500,000 Nationwide, all equipped with POS.
    An average of 2Million Nigerian bet daily on Bet9ja at an average of NGN1,000. If ETN is able to get partnered with Bet9ja, that will bring a close mass adoption here in Nigeria.

  2. NairaBet
    The First and Largest African Betting Site owned by Akin Alabi.
    Being that the CEO to this betting site has been my close friend and internet marketer, getting partnered with NairaBet is so easy.
    NairaBet is larger than Bet9ja because it’s is the first, over 10years in establishment before bet9ja.
    It has a global rank of top Africa betting site. Users of 15M and average bet of 1,000naira daily with outlet of 500,000+ distributed nationwide, well equipped with POS and internet services 24/7.

  3. MTN Nigeria
    The Largest mobile network in Africa. Mtn Nigeria, larger than their any other MTN Regional distribution. Has a market of over 20M users and on an average recharge of 2000 daily. I alone, know how much I spend on data, close to 50gb I consume monthly, that’s more than 20,000naira.

Mine is least compared to top bloggers and companies in Nigeria.

  1. GLO
    Known as the Grand Masters of Data, this indigenous company is the largest when you talk of DATA Mobile Subscription. The have more than 25M users because of their DATA subscribers.

5 Airtel
The smartphone network, is the quickest when talking of browsing in regions of limited network coverage.
Facebook have partnership with Airtel, introducing the Free Facebook for Airtel Nigeria users. Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his gratitude because of the increase of FB users in Nigeria,saying Nigeria has the Largest Internet Users in Africa. Electroneum Nigeria isn’t going to be an exception.

6 JUMIA Nigeria
The Largest Africa’s Regional shopping Site. Other regions like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa cannot be compared to JUMIA Nigeria. Partnering and integrating API for NGN will be one of the steps to Mass Adoption of ETN in Nigeria.
Electroneum Nigeria can never fail!!!

7 Shoprite
The Biggest Mall in Nigeria, owned by a South African Billionaire, Christo Wiese.
Larger than its own Region Shoprite SA, Shoprite Nigeria has proven its strength. Introduced in 2010, it has grown massively to become the largest shopping mall in Nigeria with average sale of 34billion Rands in between 2017-2018 read here https://www.google.com.ng/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://nairametrics.com/shoprite-nigeria-records-slim-turnover-growth-in-fy-2018/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwj_y7jkmOfdAhVGGsAKHQS2CmUQFjACegQICRAB&usg=AOvVaw3F_aJBAbTZNCZJbAu0QMEI&ampcf=1

  1. Spar
    Second largest Mall in Nigeria owned by the a Dutch Business group called Artee Group has also shown its strength in the Nigerian Market.

I can’t preach about Spar Nigeria because it’s like the biggest, if I want to analyze.

  1. Top Bloggers
    When we talk about Blogging in Africa, Nigeria stands out as the country with the Richest Bloggers and Top Blogs.

Bloggers like Mankinde Azeez, owner of the Largest Download site in Africa, Naijaloaded having average visitors of 189million visitors is a very good business mate.
Just talking about ETN on his blog will skyrocket the Electroneum Nigeria Market to 40% Adoption.

I can never forget to talk about Linda Ikeji. This Billionaire Blogger is popularly known as the Queen of Blogging in Africa. Worth over 3.4Billion Naira currently is a very open minded business woman.

I have worked with her, a couple of times, as a Writer on her blog.
Lindaikejiblog receives on average, 3Million daily visitors and 100M monthly visitors.

Nairaland, no 1 Africa Forum owned by a Nigerian, Seun, is the largest forum in Africa. It has no exceptions when talking about top Blogs in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

ETN just needs to be launched in Nigeria and leave the advertising for Internet Marketers and Bloggers to carry the evangelical work.

This is just a few analysis I would take, hoping that ETN CEO would take heed to this.

Electroneum Nigeria cam never fail!!!
Electroneum Nigeria will have the Largest ETN users in Africa if launched.


Sounds like a plan.
Sounds like a very productive one at that.


Wow… That’s Nigerians for you, we Nigerians easily adapt to things easily… I think Richard ells has to read this articles… I bet it with electroneum team, am a Nigerian and that’s the fact, marketing this great coin in Nigeria will never be something that you guys will regret… Thanks


Great to see people working proactively to push ETN to the masses.

Well done buddy



Thanks Thanks Thanks
If we have on board the whole Africa and especially Nigeria - it will be a game changer for all of us and 1$ price is not so unrealistic - and a lot of believers and investors from ICO will be rewarded for their PATIENCE - bcs patience is KEY to SUCCESS… :wink: Dont forget to :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: together we are UNSTOPABLE!


Electroneum has already taken interest in Nigeria; I read a reply from @chris.gorman saying so. But this post is an awesome read and I confidently share the same belief with the OP. I know that Electroneum will succeed heavily with well thought out partnerships in Nigeria.

We early users/investors are excited to support and see it happen. The opportunities are numerous and ripe for the Electroneum to take over. The end result is a whole lot of :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: for everyone.



Thank you for sharing these info and educating us. It was a good read.

Staying positive always…


You have said it all bro, Nigeria is a very attractive country when it comes to new technology…
Richard is a very intelligent man and I know that he has taken notice already… Etn for life…


This is fantastic, I will come back to you within 24hr to discuss and progress

Many thanks


Great info and some interesting ideas thanks for sharing.


@chris.gorman anticipating!!!


Omo, you explained the prospects in Nigeria well. Things will happen, when ETN is launched in Nigeria. Keep buying and holding ETN.To the moon.


Guy you finished work. These targeted companies can drive etn to mass adoption in Nigeria easily because they are the most used in terms of services here. There’s no Nigerian that doesn’t use MTN or glo or airtel.
The betting population is another huge market. 50 million+ users will easily come from Nigeria.


@Tuga_ray even married men self that has jobs are still betting. I just keep praying every day for ETN to come over to Nigeria.
I hope @ETNCEO and @chris.gorman would fix the KYC for Nigerians well because am hearing issues from other persons trying to verify their Account.

It will reduce multiple accounts greatly.

Documents an average Nigerian uses here as Verification means are Utilities bills, and NIMC.


The Identity documents apart from passport which Nigerians will need yoti to add are: Voter’s card, National ID card and drivers license.
@ETNCEO The passport only option now is a big limitation to Nigerians doing Kyc now. Don’t forget the millions of users waiting for these other means of ID verification to get recognized.


I Am from Ghana :ghana: and all that u have layed out is really true, if etn is able to get into the Nigeria market then the whole african will totally rally behind etn. GHANA IS ALSO A VERY BEST MARKET TO LOOK AT AS WE ALSO HAVE SHOPRITE,MTN , GLO ETC.


I agree with you. Let’s preach it all around, everywhere we go. I make sure I tell 5 new people about ETN every week. It’s has been my target for the last 2 month.


I hv a WhatsApp group u can join and let’s see what we can do together


Great, PM me…
Message me


When ETN partners with MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat, say no more. That will be the biggest African market coverage.