Electroneum Nigeria - Bet9ja, MTN, GLO, 9Mobile,Airtel, JUMIA and Malls


Hi all I apologies for not getting back to you sooner, a combination of so many things to do combined with trying to gain clarity on a few points regarding Nigeria.
We are working up a plan and have some questions that you guys can hopefully help with
Thanks for your understanding


@chris.gorman we are pleased for your response. We will do our best to answer your questions pertaining to the Nigerian Crypto Market and ETN success.


Let us know your plans and we are awating your questions


A nice idea. ETN team needs to look at this article and take action in order to get ETN Coin to the masses


@ETNCEO ETN needs a Nigeria Team to move the Market Larger here in Nigeria. I can imagine the size of market in a year. The adoption would be very massive!!!


Yes definitelly do have Nigerians some group at facebook or some telegram chat? We need some crypto experimenced team and if we add some partherships as a bonus and maybe some celebrity talking about us as a possibility to be modern and go with the west trend :wink: ? It can be great start… Its here someone from NIGERIA who can help? or add more suggestion how to succed in your country?


This is so wonderful…great study and I concur to this your analysis @IdyClouds

ETN in Nigeria is the best open air to take over Africa in mass adoption.
Most of the youths here in Nigeria use their mobile phone nonstop,always online either on Facebook,WhatsApp,Instagram,Twitter…the list goes on, if they know they can actually be mining ETN on the go from anywhere…everybody will join in no time and this would be very good for our ETN community.
ETN_9ja is a go!


Bro remember it’s not about Nigeria alone, Ghana, South African , Kenya the whole of Africa lone to embrace Electroneum.


Nigeria is now at top countries at platform iOS we are very hot today 41th possition
please retweet or tag someone from nigeria

Whole excel sheet updated daily