ELECTRONEUM for the Win! Vote!


Let’s win this competition!!

  1. Vote
  2. Share Social media
  3. Respond here you voted with social media link (extra credit!!!)



Disclaimer: Poll just for Fun


Thx i voted too for Monero bcs its better partner that Telcoin, voted too for Binance better than Pundi and voted for ETH better than Stellite… the others are young project with live and active community so better to help the old ones and we can easily get to finale if we beat DGB…
Every vote counts so help us too.
And in other side is beter to vote against ECA (Electra too very active)


I’m for digibyte because the fees are less and the transactions are lightning fast.DGB GONNA GO $1


Electroneum vote submitted!!


Voted for electroneum! :slight_smile:


Voted! Guys lets do this we need everyone to VOTE!


ETN is catching up now that the ETN community has been made aware of the vote. If one of the bigger ETN tubers does a video on it we’ll blow them out of the water (I’m talking to you Mr Davis and Mr Ambrose!)