Electroneum Debit Card


Hi, I just want to find out if you will have an ETN Debit card for those place that wont have the instant payment system in place, I would not want to convert my ETN to fiat for me to purchase goods or services. I think that will also assist in mass adoption


Yes I would also like to know any info on this and think it is a good idea. More and more crypto currencies are now offering debit cards or even mastercards. Electroneum should not have a problem with this as they are going for regulation and doing things by the book. For example this is what a small coin said about how they were able to get a card issuer.

“Many have asked us how we managed to attract a card issuer so easily, while other, much bigger cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin have failed to achieve this up to this point. The answer is simple. ******** is a company with a front door and accountable leadership”

So seems like Electroneum should not have a problem obtaining a card like alot of others have already. If any one you are wondering how this works, for the ones I have seen so far your crypto is simply converted at the market exchange rate into your local fiat and topped up onto the card so its like a prepaid card.


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Well, that would drive up adoption, that is sure. I vote for it!


I would also vote for Debit Card. :+1:


if you spend $100 worth of etn on food/goods/services now, you’ll have to replace them asap by buying etn for $100 (until your boss pays your salary in cryptocurrency) :smile:


Should Electroneum offer debit card (or even mastercard) ?

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  • No thanks

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yes I vote to for credit debt card…i love etn…I im going for the 1 million etn club very soon…


i think Phones and wearables is where these payment systems are going. An ETN debit card? maybe but not sure there is a need. Great idea though.


I long for that day. Awesome idea.


Never forget the older generation there will always be a group of people that refuse to move over to new tech because they are comfortable not to mention you can use cards everywhere now. so I still think cards will be valid for alittle whiles longer.


Short term perhaps a giftcard!


A visa card wouldn’t be needed if ETN partnered with Wirex. Wirex already offer BTC, XRP, LTC and ETH wallets. You can swap fiat to these cryptos and swap them back to fiat. I know they would like to add more cryptos in the future.