Innovative Ideas to create demand for ETN

Hello ETN Family,

I would like everyone to share your realistic innovative thoughts on how to create demand for ETN. There are few ideas already shared in the community like:

  1. WooCommerce Development idea by @user75
    WooCommerce development Idea

  2. Electroneum Debit Card idea by @Danny
    Electroneum Debit Card

  3. Electroneum Merchandise idea by @Scully
    Electroneum Merchandise

  4. Buy Electroneum Directly from the app + Local Currencies idea by @Judicar
    Buy Electroneum Directly form the app + local currencies

During Richard Ells Interview with Allabouttech, he already mentioned about enhancing the wallet app with

  1. Finger Print for login and payment confirmation
  2. Mobile & Email address to be used for payment in addition to Qr code
  3. Gig Economy website
  4. Mobile Gaming Companies, currently put on hold.

These are some of my thoughts:

  1. Sign MOU with few food distributions or Hypermarkets in the unbanked countries to promote the use of ETN by giving special promotions or develop own Crypto enabled e-commerce hypermarket (like Uber) which is powered by ETN for the unbanked countries.
  2. Adding to @Judicar thoughts, if the direct purchase cannot be implemented from the wallet, how about linking a specific exchange to the app. The purchase shall be done from the integrated exchange, however on the app with direct fiat conversion (credit card, bank transfers or PayPal). A layman who do not wish to open an account with exchange and proceed with the lengthy process, we make it easy for newbies and non-techies.
  3. Introducing Airmiles in the unbanked countries for using ETN partnering with Airline Company
  4. Franchise Model - Look for investors who are willing to open up ETN Franchise Stores in the unbanked countries where they can purchase ETN directly from the store, ETN Merchandise, and other ETN Partnered Products.
  5. Identifying an international public figure which shall be the brand ambassador for ETN
  6. Introducing ETN in the inflated countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela etc.

Share your thoughts and more ideas on how we can create demand.

I like the idea of being able to purchase through the app, Im sure Richard said this would be very complicated to setup and support for all the different countries and regulations, but yes If they had a thirdparty they partnered with there could be an easier way or even just a guide I think is a good idea.


Good idea. ETN with so huge community should be able to launch his own ‘exchange’. This can increase volume and ETN value a lot. It should also help in promotion/marketing of the project.

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I missed to include:

My Top Ten Feature Requests idea by @Deedigital
My Top Ten Feature Requests

If I were to use ETN in a business, I would like to see something like Bitpay. You can adjust how much crypto/fiat to take during your transaction. For example, someone gives you $10 USD. Out of that you can set your wallet to deposit $9 in fiat into your bank account, $1 worth of ETN. The ratios could be changed. Till then, I guess you can just do it in two transactions with the ETN wallet and Square apps. Linking the app to a legitimate bank account brings some more credibility to the crypto.


For eg: if cryptopia or Next integrate with the ETN wallet for purchases, it would be really awesome. Especially if the purchase can be done with fiat, its going to be truely amazi

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@ManzAli and @user75 thanks for taking the time to contribute. We do already have a WooCommerce solution which needs a little more work to get it finished.

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@Nick that’s awesome :ok_hand:t2:

I think coinbase can solve this problem, in Australia we can buy on coinspot. as far as I know we can buy direct with AUD but somebody can correct me if I am wrong because I still use cryptopia.

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If coinbase added ETN that would be HUGEEEE the chance of that happening seems ultra slim to me but one can dream can he not haha. Coinbase is a huge player and gets alot of people into crypto.

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What about a high security ETN bank to store the coins? This would mostly be for people with large amounts of ETN.

kinda like token pay?

@ Danny

Why can’t they accept ETN?

Bank? Can you explain?

Competition games like on pogo dot com or 8 ball pool app on Android.


They can but coinbase are interested in the big boys were not at that level yet but certainly it could happen

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I’m talking about a holding company instead of paper wallets. A third party who holds large amounts of coins for the owner.

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To take it a step further, I’d like to see something like the Mobile/Web wallet, and then another “ETN Vault” option, accessible via both Mobile and Web apps. This would be a wallet which has both heightened security and verification steps, as well as a set transaction time-delay, during which any transfers out can be cancelled easily, to further harden the security. I’d also see it being such that you can only transfer in/out to your linked wallet, rather than directly to another user.

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a custodian? yea this is what crypto needs so institutions can invest.