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Well I used this website to bet on the Conor McGregor versus Mayweather fight and after depositing they limited my bet so I had $125 left over after I lost that bet.
Luckily I used that $125 on their website to play the sugarpop 2 slot machine (they only have a couple slots) and turned that $125 into $530 after a couple days. I’m stopping and withdrawing $500 of that to pay down a credit card which will bring my credit score to above 750 along with the recent payments I just did.

If you want to play online slots - slots.lv or slotastic.com would be better for selection and variety but you have to keep in mind withdrawal rules. If the withdrwal KYC rules are impossible to follow then don’t play there (I’m currently debating this with the $590 I have on slotastic) .

Also online casinos use a different strategy to take your money than real life casinos, I’ll briefly elaborate.

Every online casino I’ve used so far lets you play with fake money. Use that fake money to “shop” the slots.
Develop your strategy there.
My strategy may be different than yours. I usually shop until I find a “play through” slot. By “play through” slot I mean a slot that I know will “win or lose” keep me about even over a long period of time. I use this to get through their play through rule.
I then shop for a winning slot - one that is highly volatile but highly rewarding. So what I do is play the winning slot first until I win big and then I play the “play through slot” to get past their play through rules that they add to their deposit bonus.


Awesome man I may have to try this out. My buddy is really big into this stuff I’ll show him also. Thanks for the link. I sent them a email hopefully we get them thinking


I agree with @B.F.A steam is a great option :+1:


-Marketing Director for Aircoins.co -Co-Founder of TheLedger.Today
telegram name @Brian_Aircoins was interested when I mentioned some ideas about how they could partner or collaborate with Electroneum team maybe in time to present it at MWC.

He would like to get a hold of you. I gave him your linkedin and twitter.

edit: My ideas were they could enable us with Electroneum accounts to drop ETN coins in their app in developing countries. My other idea was the mobile carriers that have signed a deal with ETN could buy ETN and drop it in the city of their choosing in the aircoins app as a promotion.


Great work man :+1::wave: I was looking at their app the other day I like your idea :+1::zap:


The thread I will link below created by @xterest shows many great graphics with facts of Electroneum. These can be a great reference used while marketing to the vendor you are interested in accepting Electroneum as a payment method. :+1::zap:


Some great ideas in here @PrestoCrypto and @Aironeous

Keep it up , great ideas come from bouncing from one another…


That’s how this thread came into existence! From bouncing ideas around with this great community :zap: Its great to hear everyone’s imput and to be able to bounce around thoughts and ideas with such a intelligent community. I give all my credit back to the community because without all of you my thoughts and ideas are unseen and unable to build upon the same.:+1: The collaboration of this community is astounding it’s like a well oiled machine :+1::zap:


Remember when I asked Papa Johns to accept electroneum and they responded positively? If you scroll up you’ll see ^
Well someone in Papa Johns knows about crypto because look at the coupon code I got the other day



I am searching normal people that are active at least at one social media and want to help promote a little bit electroneum. If you are interested please read carefully this very long post and choose your favorite social channel - Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc…
There is a lot of links and pictures and gifs…



I spoke with customer service at https://www.popsockets.com/ some time ago about letting me make a popsocket with the Electroneum symbol.
They won’t let me because they don’t have permission to use the logo.
Could you have someone from the team give them official permission? Maybe you could partner with them in their poptivist program which gives money to charity. There is a lot of ETN fan art that could be used to make a popsocket.

You could even do something creative for each ETN popsocket design like “for this design, for each purchase we will drop 100 ETN in [insert developing country] in the aircoins app for people to find.”

This would be like a constant Electroneum advertisement as these are bought and uses on people’s phones.


Like and retweet this tweet. Remember it’s all about the 99%


Done…Also left a comment.
Thanks @Aironeous youre doing great work all over the place!


@Pahini gave this link in another thread and I think would be a great option for Electroneum to be supported on their platform.


Another shop accepts ETN


That’s awesome " we accept crypto #Electroneum as payment. We will enable bitcoin as payment in the upcoming weeks."

Electroneum integrated as payment before bitcoin :zap:


@Mr.CryptoCZ will you help us out on your twitter follower please:

Electroneum only 77 Votes for this exchange for a base pair?

Come on guys, help out here a bit

ReddCoin has 367 votes and they are in the lead.

If we can take on and beat twitter polls with 1000’s of votes I am sure we can nail this one as well.





have done it and share it lets hope the community does this too!!


lets hope our community pics it up too many thnx for voting!!