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I’m creating this thread to discuss and plan opportunities us as a community can create. Us as a community who holds Electroneum can request vendors to accept Electroneum as a form of payment. I’ve done this before already simply asking if they accept Electroneum as a form of payment, explain Electroneum and the vendors benefits. Just give them the facts and plant the seed.
So this will be a thread for such related topics/ideas.

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Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

@Aironeous you should add some of your things here!


Google Play Store Help``

Time of chat: November 8, 2018, 7:56 PM

Chat duration: 20:11
Chatted with: Kate

Kate [7:56 PM]:
Thanks for contacting Google Support. My name is Kate.
Hi, Prest. I see that you would like to suggest a feedback regarding a payment method.
Hope we are connected.

Pres [7:58 PM]:
Yes it would be very quick to integrate and has 2.5 million and growing users with over 160 million USD in our wallets.it is a fin tech company. Electroneum https://electroneum.com

Kate [7:59 PM]:
Good to know that!
Appreciate your efforts in bringing this information to our notice.

Pres [8:00 PM]:
It is able to be integrated just as PayPal. Instant payment process.

Kate [8:00 PM]:
This feedback should be implemented soon!

Pres [8:00 PM]:
Where will this information go from here?

Kate [8:01 PM]:
Yes, I will pass on this feedback to our team, so that they will start working this for you, and also I request you to send us a feedback, so that our team can look into this and implement this feature in near future.
Let me help you with the steps to send us a feedback.
To send us feedback from within the Google Play app:

Pres[8:03 PM]:
I am very serious and our active community base would love to be implemented and you can expect more liquidity using Electroneum for zero cost. They are know your customer and anti money laundering complaint. The company is more than willing to work with your team to get it integrated as it is very easy.

Kate [8:04 PM]:
We would be happy to launch your product with us. That will help our product to grow.
Please follow the below to send us feedback.

  1. At the top left, tap the Menu (3 bars) > Help & feedback.
  2. Tap Send feedback.
  3. Enter your feedback.
  4. Check the “Include screenshot and logs” box.
  5. Tap Send.
    This feedback is taken care now!

Prest [8:05 PM]:
Alright thank you I will do that. From there will I get a response?

Kate [8:06 PM]:
Pres, you will be notified, if the feature is available on Google.
Appreciating your time and understanding.

Pres [8:07 PM]:
Thank you and I hope you bring this to the right persons attention. I do not work for Electroneum I am a community member. I appreciate it thank you.

Kate [8:07 PM]:
Rest assured, our team will certainly work on this feature.
Thank you for your time to help us with your feedback!
You are welcome.
Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Pres [8:09 PM]:
What would be best to write in the feedback area to get this seen by the right person

Kate [8:09 PM]:
I request you to follow the above mentioned steps, that will direct your feedback to our engineering team.

Kate [8:11 PM]:
Please write the same information about the feedback which you have suggested me now.

Prest [8:11 PM]:
Alright thank you

Kate [8:12 PM]:
I should thank you for suggesting us to increase our product value.


An opportunity (if indirectly):

If you see/use a WooCommerce store that doesn’t yet accept ETN tell them about this:



Sorry I’m right next to the Woolsey fire in California

luckily it passed just south of me and blew west towards the coast. The Spectrum internet was knocked out (my landlord uses Spectrum) along with various mobile towers (except mine tmobile) and the firefighters were not letting the workers back in to fix it so I was just drinking and hibernating and tethering to my phone.

This is normally the time when I watch my favorite shows and relax hibernate (Saturday). Drink, eat, watch videos, check in on my investments, recover from the week. My feet and legs were hurting badly from all the bicycling (15 miles a day) and walking.

I can’t remember all the people & businesses I contacted to use Electroneum. I remember there was a traffic division of a place in Florida that accepts Bitcoin and I emailed them all the details of how easy it would be to accept ETN and cash out to fiat.
I remember there was a restaurant owner I contacted on Facebook about accepting Electroneum and he responded positively. It was called Crocus Paella. I was just going to take a screen shot of our conversation on my phone and my pinky touched my phone and I have no idea what just happened because its gone now.
I also posted to Starbucks partners (those are the employees of Starbucks) on facebook for them to accept ETN as tips.
Also someone needs to take on these projects. List all the websites that accept Electroneum on these 2 websites.


And this is one for Electroneum academy and Egg probably.
Get us included in this https://wordpress.org/plugins/mycryptocheckout/#developers

I remember I was emailing an RV sales store that accepts Bitcoin on how easy it would be to accept ETN also and then the internet went out and I lost all my tabs on Firefox.

Right now I’m trying to get a person on facebook to download the app but she keeps saying “I don’t understand, I’m interested but I don’t understand” so I posted this easy to understand video to teach her blockchain technology. Maybe you guys could use it.


Dang are you by paradise my friend has family out there he can’t reach. Hope everything is okay I’m in Minnesota and have heard about the fires out there!

Thank you for taking the time to write this up and i hope people take a look and ask themselves what can they do.


As an ex Starbucks baristo, it would be a nightmare accepting etn for tips. All of it is pooled and split, and only cash. We don’t even take credit/debit tips, adds in way more work! Not to mention, often times we are wanting to get through the line of customers quickly, so they don’t have to wait long. Additionally, any gap between customers, we were always busy doing other things (checking and rebrewing drip coffee, stocking the food cake, supplies, etc). This, while an interesting thought, would sadly just slow everything down.


I get it, that’s why I asked on these forums several times for them to make a system of a separate account for restaurant owner’s employees just for employee tips.
But here is how I think you could do it as it is right now: put the ETN tip sign away from the cashier area. Print off your QR public key code for each person on the crew and cut it out with scissors and make a sign “Tip the staff in Electroneum” and below that a label for each employee that says “tip Mary” and then the Qr code below it. “Tip Joe” and the QR code below it, etc…
But yeah ETN tream needs to make an easy way to have an ETN tip jar method that won’t slow down the line.


Well, that’s an interesting idea… Could actually work with a tip pooled environment. A tip the staff sign, with a single QR code. That could work for many establishments, as many, if not most, pool tips. Would keep it short, sweet, and simple.


I completely agree with you this should be taken more seriously. I’m sorry that happened to you for speaking the truth!


Just emailed lef.org and asked them to accept ETN as payment. I’m a 13 years + customer and they like to stay modern and I think I gave them a good sales pitch about it.


Awesome stuff! I’ve been working a few really long days this week but I will figure out another possible company to approach! Let’s keep this going!


If you can join marketing join me on my twitter we need to have some group of 50-100 likes and retweeters that help us very much to get attention. Something like
ETN ARMY :smiley:


For example my today bring to the community at my Twitter click on link inside and retweet its bot with 70K of follow:


If you guys want some motivation go to ETN stats on CMC and then click on markets, now click on price to sort them by price. A lot of the fiat pairings are usually in the top. Those are the markets that merchants will be using so all we need to do is get those fiat pairings to have higher volumes. We do that by contacting merchants and asking them to accept ETN.


And it’s nice if I fill your tutorial. That ETN is in the top5 best gaining coins at CMC :slight_smile:


These would be some great targets I’ll start messaging there support asking if they accept Electroneum yet !




Check out the potential! One day we will be on most of these stores! I’ll start spreading awareness to them by asking if they accept Electroneum as a payment method with a link for info.


117 showcase 117 potential implementation of our ETN commerce :slight_smile: if we show demand they will implement. Good marketing for them. Good to send them our marketing material the website for our HQ is paying the marketing…


There is an article about Crypto on yahoo. I talked about Electroneum in the comments. Maybe you guys can too.