Electroneum Reality & Facts Cards


Hey Everyone,

I started creating slides on the reality of Electroneum and where we are today. The ETN Facts. They are focused on all the great things Electroneum has achieved in the last year. I feel like as a community lately we have a constant focus on what is next, what is the next deal, but we don’t celebrate as much on the things we already have in place, all the great accomplishments that have already been achieved. Electroneum has done some amazing things that no other crypto project has done and as a community we need to shout them from the roof tops.

These graphics are a reminder on what we have already in place. We need to share them, tweet them, post them so people from outside our community or even the new people who have recently joined us can learn. I plan on making a few new ones a week and as I make them, I will add them to this post.

Feel free to share this post or the graphics below. It will be a place where you will be able to find all of them.

Feel free to also recommend some topics for new graphics. I’m currently working on the cloud mining facts and should have it ready in a day or so.


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Great work with this :+1:


Good idea - ETN library of facts :slight_smile:


Awesome well done! Thank you!


Fantastic post, Mike!


This is fantastisk keep it up, we need to enlighten people with facts


@xterest thank you great work, to have all facts in one place. :smiley:


Brilliant…:+1:…Have already posted on the FB community page…NICE…!!


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These are awesome, thank you for making them!


Awesome job @xterest , Ive pinched them and tweeted …

Thankyou for this work …

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Brilliant work! They are great :smiley: and show how GREAT Electroneum is!


Thanks @Xterest .
Only just found this topic but I have noticed them on Twitter already.
Anything of this nature is a real eye opener.
Thanks heaps, Ill be puttin these to good use!!


Fact 7 has been added.


Thanks…Got it and posted…:+1::+1:


Interesting stats, thanks for sharing.

My phone bill is consistently >$50/Month so I feel the Average monthly mobile bill for Thailand is quite low. It could be because I use a lot of data


Thanks for adding to these Information slides.
I have been using them.
Keep em coming @xterest Great work.!!


Added a info graphic I created about the ETN Ecosystem. Take a look.


Nice work!
I actually missed this one