Electroneum CLI wallet guide with Remote Node method

I sent 10 ETN from my Online Wallet to the CLI Wallet as a test. It was successful on the blockchain but the CLI wallet still shows a 0 balance after like 2 days. Any insights into that? Thanks

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Should have already received it, ensure you used correct address to send Electroneum to.

  • Follow guide below to Prove Sending

If PROVE SENDING page shows correct address, and you have not received your ETN, you’ll have to open a support ticket.

Support Ticket: http://support.electroneum.com/

CLI to CLI I would simply say you entered incorrect address since blockchain should never make this mistake unless hacked.

But, from ETN Mobile Wallet to CLI, I can not say there is a holdup with your transaction on the mobile side or something went wrong, this is why I refereed you to support if you still haven’t received ETN :slight_smile:

may i request a guide for linux (ubuntu) users trying to use remote node method?

im stuck on
step 11a ,it says:
electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=nodes.hashvault.pro:26968 --generate-from-keys=wallet
electroneum-wallet-cli: command not found

Coming soon

For Linux OS, include ./ in front of command, like this:

./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=nodes.hashvault.pro:26968 --generate-from-keys=wallet

Step 1

Open terminal

Step 2

Execute command:

mkdir electroneum-linux-x64-v2.1.1.1

Step 3

Execute command:

cd electroneum-linux-x64-v2.1.1.1

Step 4

Execute command:

wget https://github.com/electroneum/electroneum/releases/download/v2.1.1.1/electroneum-linux-x64-v2.1.1.1.tar.bz2

Step 5

Decompress downloaded bz2 by executing command:

tar -vxjf electroneum-linux-x64-v2.1.1.1.tar.bz2

Step 6

Now that we have wallet executables, run the following command to start Electroneum wallet from remote node

./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=nodes.hashvault.pro:26968 --generate-from-keys=wallet

Name of your wallet will be: wallet

You can rename it if you wish


thanks alot for the replies :slight_smile:

if im going to rename the wallet,the other files should be renamed as well? ie:

#2 question:
please see the attached pic for the error.
prior to this i used the command:
to load the newly created wallet using the remote node method.
prior to this i also renamed the 3 files (1wallet / 1wallet.address.txt / 1wallet.keys )

Hi there, be sure to execute command with remote node flag like this:

./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=nodes.hashvault.pro:26968

You will be asked to specify your wallet name.

Correct, all 3 should be renamed.


I was curious and I sent 10 ETN from my mobile app to my cli wallet connected to your remote node. I see 0 balance for entire 3 days. I have no problem with losing 10 ETN and will wait some more days but would you have some ideas about that?
Thank you.

Yes check the Blockchain - I would be highly confident it is in the address you sent it to. I put stuff in my CLI wallet (as a test) and it doesn’t show in the balance. But when I check the blockchain it is there and when I import it to my online wallet it comes in :slight_smile:

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Thank you I will try importing when nothing helps. So is there the known problem showing balance on cli wallets?

I never had problems with the balance of the CLI wallet but I use own node.

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I checked and think the blockchain has my transaction properly.

I’ll try my own node although it will take a long time even if I imported a raw blockchain. So I will post again later if my balance shows up or not.
Thank you all.

Edit: I tried my own node (I imported the official blockchain with height 390876 and it was fast!) but my balance still shows 0. I’ll leave it so I can happen to solve this problem later.

Hello there,

Since you sent Electroneum from mobile wallet, there is only one way to check exactly where and what happend to that transaction of 10 ETN. Use my guide bellow to navigate through your mobile wallet app and locate Prove Sending page.

On prove sending page you will find lots of usefull information, such as ETN address used to send Electroneum to, be sure to compare ETN address on prove sending page to the one that belongs to cli wallet.


I tried again today and finally see my 10 ETN!
So only rescan_bc worked for me. I don’t know why this command wasn’t seen on entire this forum.

@cuddlesquid Anyway thank you for your advice and your works!


Is there a way to move the database for my cli wallet from default location to an external and point the electroneum exe file to look for the database from that specific folder?



please notice it is - - data-dir


Question: Is the ProgramData directory hardcoded into electroneumd.exe or does it read the environment variables? I’ve tried changing both the ProgramData variable and AllUsersProfiles variable to the separate HDD and electroneumd was still writing to the default ProgramData directory.

hey guys, has anyone used the cli wallet on a mac is it the same process as the windows system? If anyone has some tips that would be great. Thank you

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I use CLI on Mac daily. You always need to run the Electroneumd file to connect to the blockchain and it take a while to initially catch up (there is a short cut procedure as per 101 notes above). Then you can open the CLI file to import a wallet. Take your time learning about it.

Here is a video that will help a bit as well, as is on a mac. Just note he uses the private keys but better practice is to use public keys for security.


Great I will try this. It’s one thing i am yet to accomplish. First stop the video! Thank you.

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