Electroneum CLI wallet guide with Remote Node method


hey guys, has anyone used the cli wallet on a mac is it the same process as the windows system? If anyone has some tips that would be great. Thank you


I use CLI on Mac daily. You always need to run the Electroneumd file to connect to the blockchain and it take a while to initially catch up (there is a short cut procedure as per 101 notes above). Then you can open the CLI file to import a wallet. Take your time learning about it.

Here is a video that will help a bit as well, as is on a mac. Just note he uses the private keys but better practice is to use public keys for security.


Great I will try this. It’s one thing i am yet to accomplish. First stop the video! Thank you.



Also wanted to mention that you can still use Remote Node method with Mac or Linux. If you want to create a view wallet only check out the View Wallet Only Mode.

Here is an example of command with remote node from terminal once you have entered wallet directory.

wallet at end of --generate-from-view-key is the name of your wallet.

View Wallet

./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=nodes.hashvault.pro:26968 --generate-from-view-key=wallet

Withdrawl and View Wallet

./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=nodes.hashvault.pro:26968  --generate-from-keys=wallet