How to Prove Sending via Electroneum mobile wallet

Step 1

Login to Electroneum mobile app wallet.

Step 2

Tap on Wallet tab.


Step 3

Tap on a transaction of which you want proof of sending to view transaction details.


Step 4

Tap on Prove Sending button and you will be redirected to proof page.



Thanks for pointing this out. This is useful if you want to prove sending on the blockchain itself (if you need more prove than the instant payment notification).


Even taking a screenshots is enough to prove sending

Screenshots can be altered, Prove Sending page can not be altered and link of Prove Sending page can be shared with receiver.


Please after clicking on it, what happens next cuz I saw two options (decode output and prove sending)

Pls after clicking on it, I saw two options (decode output and prove sending), what to do next??

I don’t have 2 options.when I click on prove sending it takes me to the blockchain explorer

Well when I clicked on the prove sending, and put my details, it showed cannot parse electroneum address…

Prove sending is done via blockchain explorer. A link can be obtained at the bottom of prove sending page once clicked inside the Electroneum App.

You shouldn’t need to input any details after tapping Prove Sending from inside Electronum App. All details regarding that particular transactions is already put together for you to obtain proof.

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So where can I get the details?

I have done Prove Sending last night by tapping the button from inside one of the transactions that I have sent, as you can see the image above.

There should be no other step to prove sending, it should have showed details regarding that particular transaction.

Can you please take a screenshot of this very particular error? We may have to escalate this issue…

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here it is sir…

etn wallet address can not contain space

Ok,… Hopefully we could get a response from mod or someone else,… Im not sure why this is happening.

There wasn’t any space but i’ll try again

on your screenshot there is a space

Okay thank you so much sir… Please sir could I ask a favour from you?

Sooo what does that have to do with the issue?

Hmmm okay apart from prove sending, what’s the next step please?