Direct ETN phurcase via wallet app needed to onboard the masses in the developed world

I know that Electroneum first of all are aiming the unbanked, but to onboard the masses and create velocity of money the banked people need to come in and invest in Electroneum.

I have now managed to board most of my family and friends but they are afraid to sign up to an exchange to phurcase ETN and the small amount they get by cloud mining doesnt really do it, so they quickly loose interest. I do understand their fear as Exchanges are risky and mainly for speculators.

If Electroneum can make a direct ETN Top Up via their app using credit cards my family and friends would have phurcased a lot of ETN just for fun and 50% of them would have phurcased ETN as an investment.

I also see a lot of benefits for vendors that accept electroneum if customers could top up ETN directly from the app. and pay the vendor that obviously would give them a bonus as incentive using ETN. Regular western people trust phurcasing online using their credit card, but very few trust the crypto exchanges.

Crypto exchanges are for the few and driven by speculative greed, creating fear for regular people.

I therfore strongly recommend that Electroneum add a direct ETN Top Up as well as Air time Top Up feature into their app as soon as possible.

I have no doubt that this will

  • Immidiately give traction to mass adoption in the developed world.
  • Quickly increase the velocity of money(ETN) between banked and unbanked.
  • Finally be reflected in the price of ETN.

this was discussed many times. search on

with keywords “buy etn in app”

the first hit says:not probable to happen

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Ty @lkelemen,

It is really a must for Electroneum to do this and I am sure the ETN team already have looked into it but are getting issues with exchanges and regulations.

However, the deal Electroneum already have with the MVNO intermediaries doing the transactions for Air time Top Up, why not involve them in transactions for ETN Top Up as well, even if the fee migth be higher than what you get on the exchanges it would definately be worth it.

too many regulations. They’re going after user numbers.

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