Buy ETN from App?

@ImogenD @ETNCEO @chris.gorman
Will we be able to buy ETN on the appor gig economy with card? That will be next level. If the app or website is a one stop shop(buy, sell, send, recieve), I think eectroneum will be out of this world.

Richard said in an old Interview its unlikely that purchasing ETN through the app would happen as there is alot of legal stuff that would have to be worked out and so on so it worked in every country but If I remember correctly he said its possible maybe through a third party. I doubt it would happen as there are so many other services that allow you to buy ETN via fiat now.

Agreed if there was a way through the App that everyone could use it would be a nice feature I don’t see it happening. Generally speaking purchasing Crypto is done through an exchange or some sort of service provider, the team behind a Crypto don’t get involved in purchasing of it for various reasons. For example if you ask the ETN team to buy some the will direct you to an exchange. I think as time goes on it will be the same with any other currency like fiat you will just buy it from a place of your choice at the best exchange rate possible, I think we will see less exchanges and some of the bigger ones eat up the competition and regulation is coming into play.