Cryptopia is down

Apparently Cryptopia has been down for unscheduled maintenance for many hours. The team is not giving any notable reasons as to why. I don’t want to cause alarm here, but for those that hold any ETN, BTC or other coins on that exchange you may want to follow the situation.

There should be an updated by them soon here is there Twitter^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

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its been over 12 hours now. It must be serious. I am moving out of there asap. Had enough of that exchange. I have had ARK coins stuck for 5 weeks with the wallet off line and coins stuck in withdrawal. They don’t have the staff to support the number of coins they have. Moving my ETN trade to Liquid now.


The extended downtime is definitely concerning and I agree with your assessment. In the grand scheme of exchanges, Cryptopia is a very small fish. Small fish are often targets for malicious acts. I’m still waiting on some sort of real update. They can’t simply say nothing for this long and expect to retain business if they come back online.

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Yeah its happened too often. There have been so many promises about support being improved but it never happened and wallets are always down with them. Ark has been down a few times for more than a month and its also happened to ETN for extended periods. They must get big listing fees to put all those coins up but without the means to support them its useless. I am done with it now - I just hope I can get them back and its not too major…


Security breach confirmed…



Oh no… hope ETN coins lodged in cryptopia are not affected…

someone reported a bunch of ETH being moved out but no confirmation on that yet.

How about ETN coins?

haven’t heard and the exchange isn’t saying yet. People have just talked about ETH being moved out in a big way. I think ETN will be ok - I hope so as I just bought a bunch

Hope the exchange will update clients bunch of coins, especially ETN…

someone is saying 2.5 million usd in ETH nearly 20k coins

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so far they aren’t saying anything official or specific

Hope all is well for ETN coins…

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I hope ETN is not affected. But usually they sell to ETH or BTC all coins they can get and transfer it out of exchange.

Are my etn on cryptopia gone now?

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I don’t think so
it seems like ERC20 tokens - a lot of them … now people are saying


We need an update of what happened with ETN in cryptopia

Lets hope for the best. Can’t wait to hear updates from cryptopia management the soonest possible time.