Cryptopia is down


yeah the exchange isn’t saying much yet as there is a police investigation going on


@ETNCEO asks the ETN status in Crytopia, We need more information


yeah probably nice to get something official to put people at ease. I am moving to liquid now. I like those guys - they seem really professional.


If etn coins are stolen someone will likely dump them on some exchange soon.
I will not use that buying opportunity for ethical reasons. Just saying that would be a sign.


Can you withdraw the ETN anytime in the Liquid exchange even if you’re account is not yet verified?


not sure about the liquid withdrawal without account verification - I like their support and operation though. They have a chat online you can ask


I like Liquid a lot. Their support is great and i feel safe about coins there because of cold storage


I Think electroneum Wallet is safe, just to hold compare to än exchange. Or Else its bad everything


I agree, Liquid thus far has been great in my opinion. They just posted this a few
hours ago too obviously to remind why cold storage and proper security is so important


Worst fears are confirmed…now we wait to see exactly what was stolen. Cold hard reminder that safety is an illusion. Holding coins on exchanges, even Liquid, is a risk. IF you do not plan to trade, get them to paper wallets for maximum safety.


That’s true it is maximum but honestly I’m not worried about my holdings in Liquid. I am not a fan of paper wallets myself so I don’t use them. There’s that new hardware wallet working on integrating ETN too I’d prefer something like that.


Yes, I would prefer a hardwallet over a paper wallet as well. I will be buying the first HW wallet that adds ETN to it…I’d prefer Trezor adds it first seeing I have one and it would save me some money…but I like that Ellipal wallet too. Anything is better than having to deal with the CLI :slight_smile:


Best thing to do is if you have significant funds , have coins in multiple exchanges only if you have to trade.
Even while holding in wallets , create multiple wallets.Split the big pile into small stashes.Reduce the risk.
Always think what can go wrong and prepare for the worst.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Murphy’s Law:
Anything that can go wrong , will go wrong.


I’ve never used a hardware wallet before actually, really just online ones but never had issues. But as soon as that’s ready if they ship to the U.S. I’ll definitely get one asap as I want the even further increased security.



One thing about hardware wallets:



unless they are fully authorized re-sellers from only the websites on trezor official website


Things like this I’d only source directly. I’d read some horror stories like that one a few times, not in a million years would I buy any computer hardware from Ebay or any site like it.

@Annastasia although I do agree with that if they’re officially authorized that’s alright too but anything else is a big no no.


Yes i agree with you.

But there are some holes in the armour.


@J5Alive Yep 100%. I would only trust the official Trezor website and the suggestions on their website, anything else is straight up gambling with your crypto.

Poor guy, I hope he will be ok. This is why I’m so excited that @ETNCEO has cold storage options for us etn holders in the works!