Couple Ways to get free ETN

Since discovering ETN and mining on my phone, I am always eager to find new ways to get ETN. I searched here and only found mentioned, which I also use. Edit: I had no problems with registration or logins.

Here are a couple of others I’ve had fun participating in.

The ETNLottery can be found at It isn’t a free one, but for $1 of ETN, 3 winners are picked with 1st place getting 50% of pot, 2nd 15%, and 3rd 5%. 30% goes back into the Electroneum Foundation which you can read about on the site.

The YouTube Lottery at is free and you only need to subscribe to the channel and post a comment each week.

Happy hodling!

Might just be me, but login and registration is a complete mess. Appreciate its free but they need to sort it out if they want anyone to actually use the site!

Hi Bovrilcat, I had a little run through signing up this morning and logging in and it went quite smooth. If you could take the time to let me know what problems you experienced and at what stage i’d be most grateful.

Obviously you’ve experienced a problem that I’m still missing and i’d love to be able to gain some insight from you on this. Sorry you’ve had a bad experience, hope to hear back.

Thank, Chris.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out, these are the steps I went through to try and register. This was on Firefox Quantum 63.0.3 on Windows 10.

  • Initially I used the Yoti app to capture the QR code. I am registered with Yoti sufficient to get ETN KYC L2. On doing this, I was presented with the standard Wordpress admin login page. No credentials were apparent either via the linked email account, or within the Yoti app

  • Having got stuck with this, I used the ‘Register’ page on the site. Having completed all sections and clicked the blue ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the web form, having checked the Captcha box, the form submit failed, a red exclamation appeared in the error box at the top of the form, but no specific error code was present.

  • Additionally, if I try to alter the ‘Who can see this field’ from the default of everyone, the JS box that the radio buttons should appear in fail to render. If I scroll the mouse cursor over the box that should have the radio buttons in, the buttons themselves do render, but not any text to signify what each one might mean (e.g. private, logged in members only or whatever the other visibility settings are). Once clicked, the entire form then breaks, with all subsequent fields affected the same way, the register and login buttons at the foot of the page, and the captcha box becoming broken and the form becoming impossible to submit.

Happy to provide screengrabs of this behaviour if it helps.

I’m keen to work with you to fix this, and would suggest that a help icon or FAQ topic on the exact steps to expect with the YOTI login would be beneficial. I was surprised when I was presented with the generic, unbranded WordPress login after scanning the QR code - I’d expect a normal branded up login page rather than what appeared to be the admin login page to WP.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Huw,

Last week I took some time to download Firefox Quantum and ran it from windows 10. I couldn’t replicate exactly the problem you had, however I did notice the sign up and login was bringing me to a blank white page and causing issues with regards to actually signing up and using the site.

I made a few changes and things seem to be working properly now, however as I couldn’t replicate the exact behaviour that you mentioned, I’m unsure if anything will have been fixed in terms of the problems you were experiencing.

Please let me know if this makes any difference for you in signing up through Firefox Quantum. I’ve noticed you within the failed login log yesterday, falling under failed login = yes, existing users = no. I’m really sorry that you’re trying to access the site and facing these difficulties.

When you have time and if you feel like it, feel free to pop an update in this thread. I’d appreciate that.

Thanks Chris.


I didn’t have any issues and have been using the site regularly. It’s an excellent site thanks for running it Chris


No issues here either, looks good!

Thanks four by four! I just wanted to say to you, once you get your items set up for sale I’d be happy to still provide PayPal > ETN if you need it. Not sure if you’re still going to be selling. There are cheaper alternatives to do fiat to ETN, but I think they have some wait time on purchase although I’m not sure. Anyway, as I’m sure you’ll know I disabled it due to there now being multiple places to get fiat to ETN and they can provide much better value in terms of fees.

Anyway, hope you’re well!

Thanks Chris,

Confirmed I’ve been able to sign up, activate account and log in now. Thanks for taking the time to run through the issue and provide a fix.


That’s brilliant mate, thank you for bringing the issue to my attention. Good luck in the draws!

Cheers, Chris.

Thanks! No problem at all - hopefully the steps to replication were clear. I know whats its like being on the receiving end of a “it doesn’t work, fix it” request is like.

Thanks fox fixing it so quickly too, and for letting me know. Fingers and toes crossed for the draws!

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I had pulled the link as your top up cards always showed out of stock. I’m still looking for reliable, easy options for newbies so appreciate the offer. Even though there are multiple Fiat to ETN options, for folks brand new to crypto, signing up for an navigating an exchange is still very daunting. We in these forums are all so comfortable with it (or at least used to it), but many new folks are terrified.

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Out of love today 40 Squirrels to you:chipmunk::rocket::grin::purple_heart:

Hi Chris, I signed up to to FreeETN received the verification email, clicked the link to verify, but when i attempt to login it gets stuck authenticating, Please advise. Thanks

Hi Nik, I can see an account with the username Nik73. This account is now registered on the site and has unverified status. To move past unverified status you will need to complete photo verification or link Yoti to your account.

I’ve just gone through the sign up process and can’t replicate the problem you’ve described. Please let me know how you get on from here.

Thanks, Chris.

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Hi Chris, so I verified with Yoti, now I seem to have been allocated as yoti.user8, I can’t seem to resend my details including photo with Yoti or edit my profile. Sorry about this I’m a bit of a newb with Yoti

Been using this site for a month now. Can’t recommend enough. I’ve had over 200 ETN sent to my wallet and just a few ETN short of my next payout.
Chris is constantly tweaking the site improving the appearance and layout and adding new features and content.
I’m really surprised there aren’t more members as it really is an easy way to pick up some free ETN on a regular basis.
All draws and lotteries are free to enter and the addition of activity points for visiting and interacting with the site which can be exchanged for spins on the new wheel of fortune game is yet another way to bag yourself some free ETN.

Check it out, sign up, and get that free ETN with no strings attached!


Welcome @NikUK,
Sorry about the delay,(in the welcome , that is)
Hadnt seen you around till now.

Hi @Pahini
Thanks for the welcome.
I’ve been lurking and viewing the forum daily for about a month now.
I’m new to Electroneum and crypto currency in general so haven’t really got anything to offer in the way of info or knowledge at the moment.
Been reading through old threads and posts trying to catch up and learn as much as i can.
I have to say you guys have a great community and its been kinda fun an educational going through the forum on my quest to learn and familiarise myself with the whole scene.
I’m sure I’ll post and engage a little more once i feel i have some worthy opinions and info to share.


Take your time.
We’re mainly on the "FoMo Moonwalk "now as the “Main Topic” I believe.
Theres no entry fee there,
Simply bring your humanity with you and you’ll fit right in.
We have no demographics here!
Electroneum for Everybody!

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